EdTech startup firm to empower private schools with digital tools

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AFTER testing and piloting the technology in San Roque College de Cebu for four years, tech startup firm Technify is poised to roll out its software solution to other private schools.

On Monday, March 4, 2024, the Cebu-based company unveiled its School Management System designed specifically for K1-K12 private schools. This innovative solution is poised to empower schools that remain entrenched in traditional operational methods to become fully digital in their operations.

“At Technify, we are driven by a vision to redefine education through the fusion of cutting-edge technologies and innovations,” said Mike Cubos, chief executive officer at Technify. “Our mission is encapsulated in our name - TECHnologies and New Innovations For You. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to inspire, engage and foster growth in every learner.”

According to recent studies by the World Bank, the adoption of technology in education can lead to a 25 percent increase in student performance. However, many private schools in the Philippines still face challenges in adopting digital solutions due to limited resources and access to technology.

Mike said despite the proven benefits of technology adoption in education, many institutions still face daunting obstacles, from connectivity issues to budget constraints and curriculum restrictions. Recognizing this disparity, he said Technify steps in to bridge the gap, offering a comprehensive solution designed to address the unique needs of private schools.

He noted that Technify’s School Management System aims to address common challenges in schools such as the administrative burden, limited parental involvement, teacher workload and student engagement.

The system cuts the time spent on administrative tasks allowing school administrators to work on other important matters.

“The system reduces administration tasks up to 70 percent,” he said.

It also helps increase parents’ involvement in school. Its parent portal provides a centralized platform for parents to access real-time updates on their child’s progress, attendance and school activities.

Its teacher portal, on the other hand, simplifies classroom management, grading and communication, empowering teachers to spend more time on teaching and less on administrative duties. With the help of artificial intelligence, teachers can streamline tasks and personalize learning experiences for students.

The system also provides students with an app equipped with tools to track attendance, access grades and collaborate with peers and teachers. With features like to-do lists, notepads and student portfolios, Technify enhances student engagement and success.

Sherrylyn Cubos, school administrator and education and innovation head of San Roque College de Cebu said, Technify has helped them survive the challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic when all schools shifted to online classes and went digital in their operations.

“We want to be a model that going digital is possible and it’s not going to be very costly for them to undergo digital transformation,” Sherrylyn said.

According to Mike, they’ve ensured the cost-effectiveness of the system to motivate even learning centers with as few as 50 students to embark on their digital transformation journey. He mentioned that pricing will be tailored to the specific needs of schools, with costs starting as low as P50 per student per month.

At present, Technify is in negotiations with seven private schools that are now preparing for the opening of the next academic year.

Moreover, Mike, who is also a cybersecurity-certified professional, also assured that the system is fortified with multiple layers of security measures to safeguard the data of schools and students, ensuring their protection.

Technify’s School Management System was built by its sister company Overcode Technologies, which built over 100 applications and systems including the Cebu Forward app, RideHero, Mobile Queue and Shopstars, among others. / KOC


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