Eugenio: A lesson in empathy, understanding

Judith Eugenio
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My son came up to me recently with a problem that his friend is having. Long story short, my son’s friend recently lost a friend and the reason why is varying. While my son’s friend claimed that his friend was in the wrong, the other person is insinuating that my son’s friend is lying to people for sympathy. This is a very complex scenario, and the issue my son is facing is who to believe. While each side will have their own story, it is first beneficial to know about the storyteller first.

One way to know the story telling is simply by getting to know them, but another way is to find their Heaven Luck. Heaven Luck is a factor of Human Success that deals with the innate traits of a person. This is beneficial as knowing their traits, especially their bad ones, can give one an idea on how one reacts during times of great pressure. In my son’s case, if he were to find out whether his friend or his friend’s friend has great pride or a tendency to lie, it would help in his decision to decide.

However, solely relying on Heaven Luck is not enough. To truly be able to grasp a person’s character, one must take the effort to know someone. This is where Man Luck comes in, a factor of human success that deals with one’s hard work. It is possible that Heaven Luck only shows tendencies, but not realities. For all one knows, someone who is deceitful in Heaven Luck is actually someone who has properly controlled their deceitful nature and is very reliable now.

While the two factors are definitely important for my son to consider who to believe, is it choosing a side really that important? While pursuing truth and finding facts is certainly important, are the details something to really highlight? More or less, the story is about two people who fought and are not friends anymore. Perhaps the only fact that really matters is that two people got hurt and are not coping with it the way that they can.

In the end, I told my son that choosing a side does not matter in this case. In the end, there are people who got hurt, and having them go through the stages of grief is more important than figuring out all the details. If my son really cherished his friend, I believe he would simply focus on the aftermath and how he can guide his friend to a healthier mindset. Sometimes, choosing a side doesn’t matter because all that remains are people who hurt each other and being empathetic and caring is the best thing one can be to their pained friends.


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