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Judith Eugenio
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I can’t get the idea “the world is wonderful, you just need to know enough to see it” out of my head. It’s so eye-opening because it motivates me to learn about the mundane more. The trees outside my own house or even the architecture of the houses I pass could be special, but I just don’t know enough. In the realm of my line of work though, when it comes to the environment, it isn’t just capable of being great, but capable of making our lives better as well.

This is possible because of one of the factors of Human Success being Earth Luck or Feng Shui. Our Earth Luck taps into the energies of the environment and uses that energy to benefit us. However, the energy can oftentimes be negative because of the surrounding area one lives in. By being aware, what one has to do to tap into the good energy while minimizing the bad becomes apparent at the end of the day, when you know what to do, you do all in your power to make it happen.

Knowledge is only half of the battle; the other half is action. This is where Man Luck comes in, another factor of Human Success. Man Luck refers to your action and preparation. Utilizing the environment to benefit our homes, establishments, and offices can be tough, so planning and taking action accordingly becomes important. By taking the action to take the steps to know more about our surroundings, the more they and we become more wonderful.

Utilizing the environment to work in our favor isn’t that straightforward actually. One must know oneself as well. Which is why knowing one’s Heaven Luck is important as well. Heaven Luck is the last factor of Human success that deals with the innate traits of a person. One shouldn’t just blindly use the energy the environment gives for granted, one must be wise about it as one needs to be able to nurture one’s good traits. Everyone has different goals, knowing that allows one to plan and move according to one’s dream.

The world is a wonderful place that’s full of gifts and riches for us to use. However, one should not take all the environment gives for oneself. There is enough to be shared with others and to keep this information from others would be a sin in my eyes. Everyone deserves to have the support of their environment. Everyone has dreams to make the world a better place by doing the things one loves. So who would I be to prevent this wonderful world from being seen and felt by other people?


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