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Judith Eugenio
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I think I have mentioned this before. I believe life is filled with faith. Trusting that the floor beneath our feet will never give in is just one example of this faith. One more thing everyone puts faith in is that the people around us wish the best for us, but unfortunately, some still slip past our guard and wish for our downfall. In situations like these, how do people find out if one is genuine or not? Luckily, in my profession, there are multiple ways to know.

One of these ways is called Heaven Luck. This is also a factor in human success. Heaven Luck involves the innate characteristics of the person. Additionally, it is capable of discerning compatibility between two people. By understanding your Heaven Luck, people who can help you make money, can help you grow, can impede your growth and can drain your money, can be easily spotted to ensure only good company surrounds you.

Another relevant factor of Human Success is one’s Earth Luck, which is one’s Feng Shui. In terms of Earth Luck, the luck within an establishment, house, or office can change quite often. Without prior knowledge or preparation, this can cause a lot of strife and conflict in an establishment. By being aware of how Earth Luck influences the energy within a building and consequently the people, one can reap the rewards it presents and avoid its downsides.

Despite what our Heaven Luck says or what the Earth Luck energy looks like today, at the end of the day, what matters a lot is one’s Man Luck, which is the last factor of Human Success. Man Luck refers to our hard work and preparation. While one can do everything in one’s power to have supporters, having the opposite is almost inevitable, so accepting that is the key to approaching new people not with contempt that would look at you unfavorably, but with kindness, which they will be compelled to reciprocate.

People have their own stories, ideals and motivations. It is a guarantee that there will be people who won’t have the same ones as us, but that isn’t a cause for one to look down on the other. Our differences should not cause us to hold grudges or harbor resentment because our priorities are simply not always aligned. The least one can do is be kind, genuine and honest because with that, perhaps one can work with others to achieve their goal despite being of different origins.


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