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Judith Eugenio
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Has anyone ever made rumors about you? A common point people make towards those who spread false rumors is, “Why do you backbite when you yourself are not perfect?” It is known that one should not cast stones when one lives in a glass house, but I think this is inherently flawed. I believe creating rumors should not be done by anyone at all, as they are usually caused by insecurities. I think that by knowing and accepting oneself, one would not need to make a rumor, but the thing is, how does one know oneself?

Insecurities are a nasty thing. Not saying that people who have them are nasty, but it makes people do ugly things. Parts of us can be hard to accept and our inner frustrations can come out and make us lash out on other people. To help with that, I would always use Heaven Luck. In my line of work, Heaven Luck is a factor of Human Success that reveals the innate characteristics one has. I believe many spiteful people have a lot of repressed emotion and by validating and acknowledging them, maybe they’d learn to love instead.

I believe these people who make rumors simply have something they can’t accept. As much as one can support these people, at the end of the day, nothing can be achieved if they themselves do not wish to improve. This is where Man Luck comes in. Man Luck is another factor of Human Success that relates to one’s hard work and preparation. We could learn all the information in the world, but without application, it goes nowhere.

Another factor to consider is actually one’s environment. Certain social groups enforce specific personas and behaviors. Being in a more positive environment can lead to a more positive outlook. The last factor of Human Success relates to this. It is called Earth luck and it refers to the Feng Shui of a person. Feng Shui relates to utilizing and directing the energy from the environment and using that to benefit yourself. Having bad Earth Luck can lead to more conflicts, but with good Feng Shui, one may feel supported and loved.

While it is easy to antagonize these people who make rumors about us, it is good to remember that we are as flawed as they are. We all have our backstories and condemning these people who perhaps have lived a hard life can worsen the problem. Hoping for their downfall only brings ourselves to their level, and instead of doing that to them, we must learn to wish for the best for them. After all, we all have glass homes, and conflict may just lead to mutual destruction.


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