Eugenio: Harmony in leadership

Judith Eugenio
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Something that society and media often promote is the need to be a leader, and to that, it is argued that a world full of people aspiring to be leaders would be chaotic. The belief is that a world with everyone vying for leadership would be marked by conflict, disagreement and strife.

In a smaller group setting, having multiple individuals aspiring to be leaders might result in nothing getting done. While people often find themselves more comfortable as followers, learning when to follow is equally important for anyone aspiring to be a leader.

In the work I do, I constantly emphasize the three factors of Human Success. One of them, Heaven Luck, reveals the innate characteristics of individuals, both positive and negative. Understanding your Heaven Luck clarifies areas for improvement. It’s possible that one’s Heaven Luck may indicate a natural inclination to lead, but a valuable trait every leader should possess is the ability to recognize when to let someone else take the spotlight.

Relinquishing the position of leader can be challenging for one’s pride. Whether it’s due to another person having better ideas or more experience, it can be demoralizing. Confronting these feelings requires exercising one’s Man Luck, which involves hard work. The title of a leader is just that — a title. Taking not being the leader personally is something that must be addressed for the benefit of future groups and for personal growth.

The last factor of Human Success is Earth Luck, which refers to one’s Feng Shui. Feng Shui utilizes environmental energy to our advantage. By being aware of our Feng Shui, we can avoid hostile, argumentative and stubborn behavior. Additionally, having good Feng Shui in your home affects all who live in it, minimizing troubles and hurdles.

Not everyone has to be the leader who commands everyone else. In reality, workers are just as, or even more, important than leaders. Groups and teams are connected through a common goal, so the path that leads to the accomplishment of that task should be prioritized. If someone else is the leader and it benefits the group, those with the Heaven Luck of a leader should simply follow. After all, leaders are not greater than the members; they are equal, both aiming for greatness.


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