Eugenio: Navigating luck for personal growth

Judith Eugenio
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People want peace, and this is known. People will avoid drama, trouble and issues if it means having a smooth-sailing life. However, wanting something abstract is more than avoiding all that’s the opposite. While it is normal to avoid those causing all the troubles to your peace, controlling your own reactions is also an important factor. Sometimes, when everywhere smells bad, one might want to start looking beneath one’s shoes.

The source of the issues being oneself happens more often than not. Which is why, assessing the kind of aura one exudes and the kind of person one is is important. With the help of Heaven Luck, one of the factors of Human success, understanding what one attracts becomes clearer. With Heaven Luck utilized to its utmost, finding the sides of us needing polish becomes an easier and more manageable task.

While knowledge is definitely power, it is only half of what one is capable of. Without action, one might as well know nothing at all. In this case, Man Luck must be exercised to get the full benefit of what one knows. Man Luck is a factor of human success that basically refers to the hard work and preparation one has done to achieve a goal. With preparation and hard work, one can overcome the initial realization that one is also the problem, and enact it to finally grow.

The quote “when everywhere smells bad, one might want to start looking beneath one’s shoes” has actually been in my mind a lot. It is so relevant to me because sometimes, the peace I want to have around me has to be within me first. Even if one has to work on oneself, one must not understate the impact of the surroundings. Oftentimes, one becomes the surroundings, so finding a healthier environment becomes something much needed.

I think there is something very significant about how one can find oneself in search for something one does lacks. While peace is a common thing one searches for, love, freedom and security are some of the things people can often lack that they search for. I believe to truly find these things; these qualities and traits need to be found within oneself as well. It is never wrong to want and be in search of these things, but I believe to truly be the things one desires, one must embody it as well.


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