Eugenio: Navigating the pitfalls of entitlement

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Judith Eugenio
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I have met people who have seen things beneath them. What’s strange is that it would be something that would be basic things like sweeping the floor or even washing dishes. Though strange, I believe it comes from one’s hard work. While it is very much understandable that one should feel some level of entitlement with hard work, I believe one should stay humble and empathetic despite the hard work. By being filled with apathy and pride, problems that relate to our peers, friends, or even family may arise which lead to them disliking us.

For one to be filled with entitlement, it isn’t just the hard work that causes one to become that. Perhaps something innate was already within them already. According to Heaven Luck, one of the factors of Human Success, 33 percent of the reason why one is the one they are now is because of innate characteristics. Often, these negative and harmful emotions are seeded in our personality. Despite our innate traits, with proper effort, our negative traits don’t have to be so bad.

Another factor that influences people today is simply our hard work. However, I will highlight it isn’t what we do that leads us to the road of entitlement, it is our peers. Some choose to surround themselves with people who only feed into their ego, making them think they are greater than others. We are people who make mistakes, and I believe those who only feed you that you are perfect are only there to trick and manipulate you.

On the topic of our surroundings, the last factor also pertains to what’s around us. Our Earth Luck, or feng shui, relates to how one uses the energy around us to benefit us. The energy of our environment is powerful as it has the ability to easily either aid us in the pursuit of our dreams, or encourage arguments within a home, office or establishment. If one wants to keep the peace and a level head, having an environment that facilitates is crucial.

From way up high, it is definitely a great view. However, more often than not, one would tend to disregard those below them, when in reality, they were once in the same position as those who are beneath them. I understand that to get to where one is now, one probably has to do tough things and to empathize with those who are struggling can lead to bad memories. But without recognizing what led one to where one is, one not only disregards others, but disregards the effort one made to reach there.


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