Eugenio: Nurturing growth in children without the hard knocks

Judith Eugenio
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A question that my son recently asked me was, “How would you teach tough concepts to a child?” It came about because of a quote stating “If you can’t explain it simply, you have not understood it enough.”

While there is some truth to it, there are just some things that have to be learned through experience. However, more often than not, the experiences one has to learn are very traumatizing, but with the right help, it doesn’t have to be so negative.

One way to ensure that growth does not come from pain is by knowing what’s to come. One way to know that is by knowing one’s Heaven Luck, a factor of Human Success. Heaven Luck reveals to us a lot of things, but what’s relevant is how it can give you what your potential future can be. It is able to forecast what hurdles may lie ahead and how one can react to it. With this in mind, learning by hitting rock bottom doesn’t have to be the only time one learns their lesson.

Another factor of Human Success is Man Luck, which is your hard work and preparation. For children, Man Luck, or even the consequence of one’s actions, can be a hard thing to even grasp. This is why we adults need to be the one to exert our Man Luck. Teaching basic things is the most one can do to prevent rock bottom from being hit. With a solid foundation, one can rest easy that no matter what life gives, it will be handled well.

With the many hurdles people will face day after day, being able to direct people by knowing their Heaven Luck is certainly helpful. However, it is important that people need to learn at their own pace as well. While to help is definitely a good thing to do, too much help will only make people reliant. At the end of the day, experience is the greatest teacher, and to rob people of the chance to figure out the solution will only prevent learning.

After all of this, how would you teach a tough concept to a child? The thing is you don’t. These “tough concepts” are things life naturally teaches you, and the most one can do is make sure they understand it the right way. By teaching them the right things, making them figure problems out, and support them always, no one has to learn the hard way. By letting them dictate where their lives will go, in due time, they will learn all there is to know about living.


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