Eugenio: Reflection on connection, understanding

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Judith Eugenio
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Came across this question that asks “Can two people walk together without agreeing with the direction?” and it made me think. I thought it was silly at first, but with more thought, I felt that it had more depth. I think it is really asking if people with different goals and destinations can come together. While the obvious answer is yes, I think this is true more in our heads than in practice. How often do we really befriend those who are really different from who we are?

It is understandable that connecting and relating with those who are different from us is difficult, but do we think that or do we assume that? While to know for certain is a challenge, one of the ways to find that out is knowing one’s Heaven Luck. Heaven Luck is a factor of Human Success that allows you to know your innate traits. By understanding yourself, you may see that you have even more in common with even the most unique person in the room.

Then again, no matter how much you have in common with someone, making connections always starts with someone speaking up first. This is where Man Luck comes in, which is another factor of Human Success. Man Luck is basically your hard work and your preparation. Without it, nothing will be achieved. If one day, you’d want to start a conversation with someone, know that nothing will ever be achieved without first taking the first step.

There is a lot of depth with the phrase “walk together” in the question. I think in our times, people come together mainly for mutual benefit and that isn’t bad. However, genuine connection is often forfeited for business deals and transactional relationships. With that in mind, I think walking together has this air of simplicity. It is just a simple stroll where two people would share stories and forge bonds. Walking together means to me that people walk together for the simple reason that they enjoy each other’s company and nothing else.

I would like to walk together with everybody, but I have my own biases and assumptions that often get in the way of that. Despite those biases, I try to understand everyone and give unfiltered and genuine advice. While each and everyone one of us may have different stories and backstories, at the end of the day, we are all people who experience human experiences. I believe with that fact alone, anyone can walk with anyone with a little bit of understanding.


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