Eugenio: The 3 factors of success for personal growth

Judith Eugenio
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Did you know male peacocks use their large feathers to attract a mate? You probably know of that, but did you know it actively makes it harder for it to live? The more colorful and big the feathers, the more calories it needs to survive in the wild. This concept of developing traits that are no longer necessary reminds me of people. People, in times of great stress, develop characteristics to survive, but may become detrimental in the future. Unlike peacocks, humans are capable of forgetting those learned traits and being better than who they think they are.

My profession constantly hammers the importance of the three factors of human success, one of which is Heaven Luck. Heaven Luck deals with the innate characteristics people have and how they could be utilized to get maximum gains. Heavenly luck is capable of telling us what traits one needs to develop and what detrimental traits one has right now. With the knowledge Heaven Luck is capable of imparting, it believes anyone can become a better person.

The knowledge you gain from your Heaven Luck is definitely significant, but knowing is not enough. Taking action is important as well, which is why Man Luck must be discussed. Man Luck refers to your hard work and preparation. In this case, the mental strain and preparation it takes to forget old habits is tough. With consistent effort, these old habits will become lesser parts of you that will give way to the better traits coming your way.

While this is mainly a thing one does alone, support is never a bad thing. One way one can be supported is by one’s environment. This environmental support is also a factor of Human Success called Earth Luck. Earth Luck, also referred to as Feng Shui, refers to utilizing the energy of the environment to be on your side. By using Earth Luck, one can avoid negative energy from entering one’s home, which can enable our bad habits to reemerge.

All of us have experienced hard times. In those hard times, people had to develop traits to survive. Now that the better times are here, one must now focus on thriving now. Our hard work has paid off, we fought and won, and now our reward is right in front of us, but due to our past, we can’t reap it. However, with the help of our surroundings, our hard work, and self-knowledge, one can simply live the way one wants now that hard times are over.


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