Eugenio: Transforming your mentality for success

Judith Eugenio
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I think sometimes what separates people from their goals is just one hurdle. It’s this one hurdle that really prevents action and causes one to give up. Of course things like money, time, our physical capabilities etc. are the common hurdles one thinks about, but what I am referring to is mentality. The wrong way of thinking is often why we give up despite having everything aligned for us. With a mentality and will as strong as steel, I believe anything is possible.

When thinking of one’s mentality, it’s tough to know what to work on, but this can be found out by knowing oneself, especially one’s negative traits. Heaven Luck, a factor of Human Success, is capable of knowing these traits. Our Heaven Luck is able to tell us our negative or unproductive traits and how to address them. For some, one small mistake is enough for the drive to disappear, and it’s qualities like these that must be controlled for our mentality to be better.

Knowledge is only the battle, so after knowing what to do about our mentality, work is next. This calls for our Man Luck, another factor of Human success, because it deals with hard work and preparation. It is unrealistic to expect immediate change just because one knows better. One must take the necessary time and preparation to change for the better. After that, one must facilitate and nurture that good change with a good environment.

This segues into the last factor of Human Success which is Earth Luck. Earth Luck refers to the Feng Shui one has in their home, establishment or office. Earth Luck or Feng Shui deals with the energy of the environment and utilizing it for the benefit of anyone. With good Earth Luck, one’s goals and growth will feel better and be easier. Oftentimes, adjusting to what’s new can be daunting and tough, but with support from your environment, some burden will be lifted.

With everything in mind, it makes me think that the biggest hurdle to achieving what one wants to do is ourselves. The one that stops oneself from dealing with the problem is simply how one approaches the problem. No matter how one can be one’s antagonist, with enough support, time, effort and most importantly, love, any hurdle can be vaulted. While the barrier may be taller than any other obstacle, the other side of the barrier will always be worth the work.


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