Eugenio: Turn waste into wealth

Judith Eugenio
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Something that my son has been researching for a project is about waste management. It really shocked me knowing how much people waste. What shocked me more is how much money is lost because the waste could have been turned into a monetary opportunity. It almost feels like the problem has reached a point that, despite the possibility of earning money from it, it is disregarded. It reminds me of the times that, because of the mountain of tasks ahead of us, issues feel so intimidating. However, with a proper mindset, anything can be overcome.

Intimidation is a complex feeling. That is why understanding it is the first step to changing how one tackles it. To better understand it and oneself, one must know one’s Heaven Luck. Heaven Luck is one of the three factors of Human Success that deals with the innate characteristics of a person. By knowing our Heaven Luck, not only can we find the root cause of that feeling, but the best way to deal with it as well. After knowing more, doing something about it comes next.

Another factor of Human Success is Man Luck. Man Luck refers to the hard work and preparation one undergoes before embarking on a task. In terms of what scares us, simply knowing about it doesn’t cure our phobias or anxieties. With gradual and precise steps, raising our immunities to intimidation and raising our confidence becomes possible. With the work and the knowledge, braving the work will become more common.

Despite all the motivation you may have for self-improvement, relapsing and giving up can seem so tempting. This is why our environment can be the last piece that makes or breaks someone. This refers to Earth Luck, which is the last factor of Human Success. Sometimes, one needs that extra push, and Earth Luck does that by redirecting the positive energy in our environment and sending it our way. While growing with our own efforts is definitely possible, sometimes, one needs a little support along the way.

Oftentimes, the opportunity to be and do better is there, but the situation does get overbearing to the point where it crushes us. We get anxious, intimidated, and scared that one does nothing. This is bad and all, but maybe it doesn’t need to go away. Perhaps, to finally climb that mountain, whether that be a bunch of dishes in the sink or a tough project, the important thing to do is doing it, despite being intimated. After all, the brave people aren’t brave unless it is intimidating.


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