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SunStar EugenioStart with Clarity

Life is full of uncertainties and you feel uncertain. I believe this to be a universal truth and a movie I have seen recently reflects this. It involves this woman in her 20s feeling lost and having an older man as a mentor. However, though the man has more wisdom to share, he is as uncertain and lost as the woman. The movie shows that despite life’s chaos, using our strength to push through it can be the only certainty we can rely on.

This movie’s message is beautiful and all, but, if there was a way for life to be less random, would you take that opportunity?

My line of work involves my clients about the 3 factors of Human Success. One of them is your Heaven Luck. This factor can also give you direction in life, as it can show you the path of least resistance to success. By having your Heaven Luck read by a master, one needs not to wander aimlessly in life. With guidance on your side, you won’t need to be so lost anymore as things will be less uncertain.

Another important factor of Human Success to take note of is the Earth Luck. Earth Luck, more commonly known as Feng Shui, refers to tapping the energy from the environment and utilizing it to our own benefit. While being lost is often an internal issue, it could be brought up by an environment that only promotes stagnation. Feeling stuck can perpetuate this feeling of being lost and by using Earth luck, one can use it to propel one into the right direction.

Having all of this knowledge would all be pointless if one were to do nothing about it. Which is why, Man Luck is integral to success as well. Man Luck is the last factor of Human Success that refers to your action. While the uncertainty of life can be debilitating, there is always something we can do to counteract it. Feeling lost can be a crippling feeling, but one has to actively try to get out of it to escape its clutches. By staying still and refusing to move, one only sinks further down.

When you are young, it feels like anything is possible. So many things are possible that one gets crushed by the weight of the choices. Uncertainty comes with the notion that so many things are possible and it short circuits our heads. The quote “Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom” struck me as it relates to the uncertainties of life very aptly. While one can get lost in the haze of life’s pretty lights, by committing oneself to one’s life’s purpose and passion, the path becomes clearer and our future a little more certain.


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