2024's must-watch crypto pre-sales and coin launches

2024's must-watch crypto pre-sales and coin launches

Get in early before the hype starts! Here’s a list of the best crypto presales, one you can’t miss in 2024:

●     Dogeverse – Multi-chain for optimal interoperability of blockchains makes this coin the likely next big winner; Presale is underway, and strong entry is successful.

●     99Bitcoins – offers an innovative Learn-2-Earn feature on the BRC-20 Blockchain, offering rewards like airdrops as participants become crypto experts; Staking with top value possible.

●     5thScape – The 5SCAPE token can become the best new presale coin; an innovative combination of VR and crypto that offers a great opportunity to invest in the gaming world.

Best Cryptocurrency Presales In Comparison

This year there are again numerous crypto pre-sales that bring new coins onto the market. With so much variety, it can be difficult to keep track.

If you don't know which cryptocurrency to buy, Dogeverse is a great place to start. However, it is also worth taking a look at the other projects that also made it onto thecoin launch list.

Dogeverse – First multi-chain Dogecoin

The $DOGEVERSE Coin Launch represents a new dimension in cryptocurrencies. This is also reflected in the positive Dogeverse forecast until 2030. This new coin can be used on several blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

Multi-chain innovation and “chain hopping” technology allow investors to seamlessly navigate between different blockchains, not only improving efficiency but also creating new opportunities for solidarity and collaboration within our community.

With a $DOGEVERSE token purchase, you become part of this exciting journey, led by Cosmo and its dedicated team, aimed at creating a more accessible and user-friendly crypto world.

Presales started: April 2024

Purchase method: ETH, USDT

Chain: Ethereum Blockchain

Hard cap: $20 billion

Minimum investment: None

Max investment: None

Visit Dogeverse Presale Here

99Bitcoins – Learn-2-Trade, Staking & Airdrop

99BTC could be the most interesting coin launch of the year. With the BRC-20 framework in mind, 99Bitcoins is particularly interesting because of its large community. The platform has always been known as a trading & knowledge base. This will be integrated into the presale.

With the BRC-20 Chain, known for successful projects such as Ordi and Stats, the 99BTC token ensures that a robust ecosystem is established.

99,000,000,000 tokens are available. 15 percent of the allocation is for presale, 14 percent for staking, 23 percent for marketing initiatives, 17 percent for community rewards, and 8 percent for liquidity.

Presales started: April 2024

Purchase method: ETH, USDT, BNB, credit card

Soft cap: $5,353,425

Hard cap: $11,070,675

Chain: ETH, late transition to BRC20

Max investment: No Max Invest

Visit 99Bitcoins Presale Here

5thScape – Virtual Reality as a Future Project

The integration of VR games with cryptocurrencies has reached a new height with 5thScape with the 5SCAPE token. With cutting-edge headsets, their ecosystem is poised to change the way people play. The 5SCAPE token is at the forefront of the gaming sector.

5thScape goes beyond the norms of gaming development by attempting to create parallel universes in which the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds disappear. A new age of gaming is upon us thanks to how players interact with the digital environment. Whether in crypto casinos with VR glasses or in the Metaverse – 5SCAPE is a pioneer here.

The comprehensive VR ecosystem is the backbone of 5thScape's innovation. Both the ergonomics of the chairs and the design of the headsets are carefully thought out to improve the quality of virtual gaming.

The 5SCAPE Coins are now the heart of the 5thScape ecosystem. They were created to improve the VR gaming experience - and offer investors the potential to get involved in the best coin launch.

Because 5SCAPE encourages developers to develop VR games and offers access to premium content. In this way, a robust gaming community is fostered within the 5thScape environment.

Presale started: January 2024

Payment methods: TBA

Chain: ETH

Hard cap: $25,110,999

Min Invest: Not specified

Max Invest: Not specified

 Visit 5thScape Presale Here

What are crypto pre-sales?

Essentially, crypto pre-sales are a pre-sale of cryptocurrencies before they are publicly traded. These are either publicly accessible, like when buying NFTs, or are only available to a limited group of investors. A predetermined portion of the total tokens is sold directly by the project to interested investors. Early supporters of a project therefore could benefit from a reduced price.

Projects often use presales to raise additional capital for further development. Investors can often make quick profits by participating in a presale if the project receives further attention. The purchased cryptocurrency can then often be sold immediately upon market launch for a tidy profit.

However, there are also major risks associated with investing in a presale. Most projects are still in the middle of development, which means it is not clear whether they will be able to implement the planned project. That's why it's important to always research a lot of information about the team and the plans to make the best possible decision.

This is how a coin launch works

A coin launch is one of the most important moments of a new cryptocurrency. This is used to bring a new token onto the market, which often represents an innovative idea. However, there is a long way to go for many projects before the new coin is traded.

●     A presale often goes through various phases in which tokens are offered at a discounted price.

●     After the presale is complete, investors can claim the tokens they purchased.

●     Participating in an early stage presale has several benefits

●     The listing price is higher than the pre-sale price, which is the main reason they are so attractive to investors.

●     Some pre-sales also offer early investors the chance to win their share of huge crypto prize pools worth up to $100,000.

●     Many presale cryptocurrencies have use cases such as purchasing in-game NFTs or carbon credits

●     This means investors buy tokens at a discount that can later be used to buy things with a higher value.

The steps of a crypto pre-sale

First, the team behind the project creates a white paper for the idea. All features of the project are described here. This may include a description of the project and its purpose, the technology used, and an introduction to the team. Likewise, a roadmap and tokenomics can create additional trust and allow a glimpse into the future.

After the white paper has been created, many teams are already working on the initial implementation of the idea and at the same time trying to arouse the interest of investors. This can be understood as the promotion phase. With the help of marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, attempts are made to build as large a community as possible.

After the promotion phase shows the first successes, the presale often begins to reward the early supporters in particular. Sales usually take place via the project's website. Here you simply connect the wallet to buy the desired number of tokens. However, at this point, the cryptocurrency cannot yet be publicly traded.

Only after the presale has been completed and the cryptocurrency has been listed on a crypto exchange can it be bought and sold in public trading. If there has been a lot of interest in the coin so far, there may be a sharp price increase immediately on the day of publication.

However, many early investors often sell on the first day of public trading, causing the price to fall again in the short term until supply and demand regulate the price in the long term.

How do you find good crypto pre-sales with potential?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are a variety of presale projects that bring new coins to the market.

Most of these projects promise high returns if invested early. But how do you find good crypto presales with potential? Here are some tips:

  1. Research thoroughly: Before investing in a crypto presale, you should take the time to thoroughly analyze the project and the team behind it. The experience and credibility of the founders and developers as well as the roadmap and general vision of the project should be examined here.

  2. Read the white paper: A project's white paper can say a lot about how serious the project is and whether it has a realistic goal. It is also a good indicator of how innovative and disruptive the new cryptocurrency will be.

  3. Pay attention to the market's potential: When investing in a crypto presale, you should ensure that the project generates potentially high demand. If the idea is just another project in an already crowded niche, it may be difficult to generate a return on investment.

  4. Track progress: The progress of the project should always be tracked so as not to miss any announcements and developments. Rapid progress and regular updates can indicate that the team is seriously working towards its vision. In contrast, slow progress and no updates can be a bad sign for further development.

  5. Consider risk: There is a certain risk, especially with crypto presales, that should not be underestimated. This must be carefully considered in order to only invest what can be lost. All assets should never be invested in a single project.

Coin Launch Offers a Lot of Potential

Investors gain the most potential by participating in a new coin launch. The risk should by no means be neglected. With good research and healthy risk management, investing early can prove lucrative. We have reviewed numerous upcoming presales and have come to the conclusion that Dogeverse is currently the most promising.

Its concept offers users a unique opportunity to participate in the development of the project while receiving rewards. However, it is also worth taking a closer look at the other projects mentioned in our comparison. https://bestcryptotobuynow.io/



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