99Bitcoins launches presale, introduces the next big BRC-20 project

99Bitcoins launches presale, introduces the next big BRC-20 project

The upcoming Bitcoin halving is fast-approaching, giving added momentum to the newly launched 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) presale. 99Bitcoins has reinvented itself and now offers an educational platform that monetizes education for the end users through an innovative learn-to-earn rewards model.

Since its inception, 99Bitcoins has provided high-quality educational resources and visual learning courses for cryptocurrency beginners and is highly respected in cryptocurrency circles.

The platform also has a long history and an established community, including 700,000 YouTube subscribers and two million registered users of its crypto courses.

99Bitcoins started in 2013, four years after the launch of Bitcoin and two years before the arrival of Ethereum. Originally known as BitcoinWithPayPal.com, the website offered instructions on how to purchase Bitcoin via PayPal. However, after legal problems with PayPal, it was renamed and reinvented itself in the era of Web2.

Today's ICO launch marks the beginning of 99Bitcoins' transition to Web3. This is highlighted by the launch of the $99BTC token, which promises site users a groundbreaking earn-through-learning experience.

99Bitcoins starts pre-sales

Now for the 99Bitcoins presale

99Bitcoins plans to issue 99 billion tokens, 15 percent of which will be offered in a fourteen-round pre-sale series. This presale aims to raise the necessary funds to accelerate development around the integration of the BRC-20 standard. 

Today, BTC is trading calmly above its previous record high of $69,000, reached during the 2021 bull market. BTC is preparing for next month's halving, which is expected to push its price above the current record high of $74,000.

The Bitcoin network is also expanding with the introduction of additional Layer 2 protocols and the spread of the BRC-20 token standard. These developments point to a potential strong rally for Bitcoin's leading learn-to-earn platform.

99Bitcoins promotes learning with rewards

99Bitcoins is revolutionizing education through its learn-to-earn model, which uses a mix of game mechanics and a ranked reward system to provide tangible benefits to learners. Users earn crypto while learning about cryptocurrencies.

The playful element is created through a variety of learning resources such as interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials. Anyone who successfully overcomes these challenges will improve their rank at 99Bitcoins; the higher the rank, the higher the payout.

As users learn and complete exercises, they unlock additional courses. This means more rewards, thanks to a self-regulating model that makes learning exciting and enjoyable for all users.

For today's technology-savvy generation accustomed to video games, this is an attractive alternative to traditional textbooks

99Bitcoins' new platform offers comprehensive curricula on various blockchain topics for all skill levels. The spectrum ranges from basics, wallets, and guides to trading signals, strategies, trends, and technical knowledge.

99Bitcoins uses BRC-20 for wider application

$99BTC launches as an ERC-20 token and plans to transition to BRC-20 to enable seamless integration into the growing ecosystem of dApps and projects on Bitcoin.

These projects include tokens such as ORDI and SATS, which are seeing price gains today (32 percent and 7 percent in the last seven days, respectively). The Bitcoin network is thus expanding its offering to compete with powerful smart contract platforms.

$99BTC holders get access to a variety of benefits and services. In addition to paying to learn about crypto, users of the platform can also earn staking rewards on Ethereum, receive exclusive courses, trading webinars, trading signals and strategies, and gain access to VIP community groups.

Participants who successfully complete the courses or actively participate in the community will receive $99BTC directly into their Ethereum wallet. These tokens can be redeemed for exclusive access to premium content, discounts on partner products and services, and events for token holders.

Bitcoin's upcoming halving around April 20 is expected to be a strong price driver. On this day, Bitcoin mining rewards will be halved, effectively limiting the issuance of new BTC.

If demand remains constant, the halving is likely to increase the price of Bitcoin. Historically, halvings have often led to bull markets that rallied the entire market, including projects not directly linked to Bitcoin.

Analysts expect this year will be no exception. Some even predict that the price of Bitcoin could rise explosively, especially after the historic launch of 11 Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on January 11 this year.

99Bitcoins attracts with airdrop and giveaway

In addition to offering a pre-sale opportunity, 99Bitcoins is also hosting a generous airdrop worth $99,999 in Bitcoin (BTC). This airdrop is exclusively for early supporters who follow the instructions on the official website.

However, the actions don't end there. According to an announcement on the X/Twitter platform, there is also a giveaway. Three participants who follow the page, retweet something or sign up to the site will each receive $9,999 worth of Bitcoin.

Additionally, 99Bitcoins keeps its users updated on the latest crypto prices and news with mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Since Bitcoin will continue to dominate the news in April and beyond, we can expect many new Bitcoin entrants in the coming months.

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