A legacy beyond the showroom: A heartfelt tribute to Eddie Onglatco

A legacy beyond the showroom: A heartfelt tribute to Eddie Onglatco

Eduardo "Eddie" Onglatco, an indelible name in Cebu’s car dealership industry, etched a tale of triumph that unfolded from modest beginnings to unparalleled heights.

Born in Iloilo, Eddie Onglatco's early years were shaped by a dedication to education. Excelling academically, he caught the attention of a visiting Jesuit priest who recognized his potential and sponsored his move to Cebu as a scholar at the Sacred Heart School for Boys (Ateneo de Cebu). This pivotal moment became a turning point in his life.

A working student from a young age, Eddie sold newspapers and worked as a salesman for a lumber company to put himself through college, until he earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from University of San Jose Recoletos. His journey from these modest beginnings led him to open his own hardware store in the late '60s, a testament to his tenacity and hard work.

Inspired by the challenges of his youth, where a car was a luxury his family couldn't afford, Eddie Onglatco found himself commuting to school and was assigned a company car as a salesman. His exceptional selling skills, honed through years of hardship, laid the foundation for his success as an entrepreneur. Diversifying into various industries, including space leasing, restaurants and furniture export, Eddie eventually found his calling in the car dealership industry. His genuine ability to connect with people and understand their needs made him not only a standout businessman but a trusted figure in the car industry.

Eddie Onglatco faced numerous challenges on his path to success. From financial struggles in the mid-'80s due to political instability and the Asian financial crisis in the late '90s, Eddie resiliently found alternative sources to serve customers, leaving an enduring mark in the industry.

Even two decades after his passing, his youngest son Edward, who assumed his role, continues to hear stories and anecdotes of Eddie's remarkable salesmanship lingering in the memories of people.

Edward recalled a poignant moment that left a lasting impression. He recounted, “On our way home for lunch my dad asked me if I thought he did well as a businessman considering that he started with nothing. He shared to me his life story and how grateful he was to all the people who trusted, supported and gave him the opportunity to build his dreams.”

His commitment to hard work, his ability to adapt to challenges, and his unwavering guidance continue to be the core of Edward's drive to lead. As the family commemorates Eddie Onglatco's 20th death anniversary, his legacy stands tall. Eddie is remembered as a devout Catholic, a family-centered person, a good husband to Margarita, and a loving father to his three children Joseph, Jennifer and Edward. Eddie's legacy encapsulates values of resilience, persistence, integrity, and loyalty.

Eddie Onglatco's legacy lives on as this year marks the 42nd year of the family in the car dealership industry. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive the Onglatco Group forward expanding beyond Cebu.

With a dedication to sustainability, the Onglatco Group introduces the latest electric vehicles to the market, ensuring a legacy that aligns with Eddie's vision. The diverse range of prestigious brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Hyundai, Changan, Wuling, and BYD, reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation.

In celebrating Eddie Onglatco's 80th birthday, commemorating his 20th death anniversary, and marking 40 years in the car dealership industry, the Onglatco family looks toward the future with a sense of duty, honoring the man who turned challenges into triumphs and dreams into reality. (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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