How to pick great BPO hiring in Cebu

How to pick great BPO hiring in Cebu

So, you’ve been working in the customer experience industry for a year or so and you’re wondering what other options are out there for you. There are so many Cebu job opportunities in this field. However, the process of finding better employment can get tiring and confusing.

Is there a smarter, easier way to find and filter the best customer service jobs out there for you? Or will you just keep going on job boards to apply for any and allopenings? Or maybe you can just let social media algorithms decide what companies you should look into?

If you’d like to take control of your BPO career and connect with customer service companies that maximize your happiness, the key is researchresearchresearch!It’s much easier than you think, as long as you know the most important information to look for. 

Here’s a simple guide on how to pick out the best BPO hiring in Cebu:

Measure company stability

No one wants to work in a company with an unpredictable future. Employment should provide us with a certain level of security. Before applying for Cebu job opportunities, find out how many years the BPO company has been around, what kind of accounts they have, and how the company has grown. These indicate how well a company is run in general.

(Tip: Find out how the company handled the pandemic. It could offer insight into how they treat employees during crises.)

For example, TTEC Cebu was established in 2013 – more than a decade ago! Moreover, the pandemic didn’t stop their operations. TTEC simply adjusted their work setups, offering work from home arrangements and other hybrid setups to support employees during that time.

Understand company culture

Working in a company means you’ll be spending a lot of time surrounded by their people. Learning what a company is all about – values, sense of community, level of professionalism – is essential when trying to find work that fits you.

One of the ways to get a feel for this culture is visiting their socials. What they talk about on their social media platforms, how people react, and what people say in response can provide clues about a company’s identity.

Here are some key themes to watch out for when doing company vibe checks for Cebu job opportunities:

Leadership style: Do leaders seem to be approachable, kind, and empowering? How do employees and leaders interact online? Do they seem comfortable, friendly, trusting of each other?

Working conditions: What do people say about their employee experience? Are people mostly happy or frustrated with their customer service jobs? Do people mention good benefits, big incentives, and a greatwork environment?

Employee growth and loyalty: How many employees have been in the company for multiple years? How many of their tenured people have leadership positions? Do employees rave about the career growth opportunities in the company?

You can also find out about a company’s culture by reading online articles. But, the best way to learn about what it’s really like to work for a BPO firm is by getting direct first person feedback from people who have workedor currently work there:

Connect with a company’s employees

Get straight to the source. If you really want to understand what a company can offer, ask someone who’s already experiencing it. You can talk to friends who work or have worked in the company you’re interested in… or ask if theyknow anyone who has.

Better yet, just go to places where you can easily find these people’s opinions! Join social media groups where current and former employees are or look at employee reviews on job boards about any BPO hiring in Cebu.

(Tip: Don’t focus on just one piece of feedback or one social media comment. Employee experiences will always vary, so you can expect there to still be a few bad descriptions even for companies with a great work environment. So, make sure to look at the overall message from multiple samples to get a more fair, accurate understanding of what a firm can provide.)

Smarter research to find dream customer service jobs

Stop randomly surfing job boards hoping to find quality BPO work. Don’t rely on job ads on social media. Be proactive in your search for Cebu job opportunities. Information on a company’s stability, culture, and growth opportunities can reveal the best options for you. Connecting with present and former employees can help you understand even more what a company can offer.

Has your curiosity been sparked? Give TTEC Cebu a try. Ignite your passion with a Great Place to Work® certified company. Join the company now! (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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