Life as an agent of change: Shaping secure futures

Life as an agent of change: Shaping secure futures.
Life as an agent of change: Shaping secure futures.

In the midst of our bustling lives, safeguarding our future often takes a back seat. But in the heart of Cebu City, there are individuals who stand as pioneers for financial well-being— Cocolife’s committed salesforce. These dedicated professionals are more than just insurance advisors of the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company; they are the pillars of financial security for countless families and individuals. Their work revolves around a simple yet profound mission: to help clients secure their future and provide peace of mind in the face of life's uncertainties.

A glimpse into the lives of Cocolife agents of change

To truly understand the world of Cocolife Agents of Change, we dive into the lives of three exceptional agents: Michelle Angelique Campomanes, Aileen Codoy, and Herbert Diongzon. Their daily routines serve as testaments to the authenticity and commitment that define their roles.

Michelle Angelique Campomanes, The Financial Dynamo. A recent addition to Cocolife's Financial Advisor roster, she has swiftly ascended to the position of a top Agency Sales Director. Her journey is marked by a harmonious blend of family values and professional excellence. Committed to her role as both a mom and a Financial Advisor, Michelle prioritizes family in crafting financial and investment plans and offering empathetic guidance.

Michelle's success is not just individual; it's a reflection of the collaborative and supportive environment at Cocolife. Her strong connection with superiors underscores the company's commitment to nurturing its agents. The unwavering support from management extends beyond professional development, fostering a work-life balance that enables her success in both realms.

"Tiaga at tiwala sa Diyos" is not just a personal philosophy for Michelle; it mirrors the trust she places in Cocolife's supportive ecosystem. Her recognition as a top Agency Sales Director highlights not only her achievements but also the empowering work culture at Cocolife.

In the dynamic world of financial advising, Michelle Angelique Campomanes stands as a beacon of dedication, family values, and corporate support—a testament to the positive synergy between a committed professional, supportive management, and an empowering Filipino insurance company.

Aileen F. Codoy, The Bancassurance Maestro. A compassionate Bancassurance Account Executive, she approaches each day with unwavering enthusiasm. Early mornings set the stage for her to navigate the diverse landscape of client interactions, often collaborating with government offices to broaden her clientele. 

Beyond her professional commitments, Aileen is a devoted mother who treasures every moment with her children. Her creative flair finds expression in sewing, a cherished outlet for her artistic inclinations. Aileen's sewing projects stand as testaments to her love for art and her commitment to making every moment count. 

It's noteworthy that Ms. Aileen has consistently earned accolades as a sales awardee for Bancassurance, showcasing not only her dedication but also her remarkable success in the field.

Herbert Diongzon, The Sales Luminary. An experienced PSO Sales Officer with eight (8) years at SM Cebu, Herbert begins his day with the dawn. Despite the lengthy commute, his commitment remains steadfast. Amidst the vibrant mall environment, Herbert engages with clients, addressing their needs - whether it be protection, education, or retirement plans, and contributing to their financial security. His journey doesn't end with work; Herbert's dedication extends to his role as a caring father, supporting his children's education, even as his wife works abroad. 

Herbert's enduring tenure in the insurance industry adds a layer of expertise to his role. His commitment to both family and profession paints a portrait of a seasoned professional who, despite the distances, continues to navigate the world of insurance with dedication and compassion.

In the heart of its mission

The Cocolife Agents of Change go beyond selling policies; they provide a lifeline, ensuring the financial security of Filipino families. Their routines, diverse yet interconnected, are fueled by a shared commitment to shaping destinies.

These agents, the unsung heroes, find fulfillment not just in their professional roles but also as pillars of their families. Their creative pursuits emphasize the importance of pursuing passion amid life's hustle.

"In our journey of fulfillment, we inspire clients, colleagues, and families to consider the path of financial security through insurance. At Cocolife, we truly believe in the Filipino spirit. We support our committed sales force, recognizing their tireless efforts." shared Atty. Martin Loon, president and chief executive officer of Cocolife.

In the stories of Cocolife Agents of Change, we witness everyday heroes dedicated to creating a more secure tomorrow—one Filipino family at a time.

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