Mega Dice: New DICE Token Surpasses $590,000 in Presale

Mega Dice: New DICE Token Surpasses $590,000 in Presale

The new token of the well-known and profitable online casino Mega Dice, DICE, has exceeded $590,000 in pre-sale, confirming users' interest in gambling-related tokens. The crypto casino offers over 4,000 different games and more than 50 sports and e-sports to bet on.

The DICE native token was launched to offer numerous benefits to users, such as the ability to earn passive income through the staking mechanism, access to premium content, and exclusive rewards.

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Mega Dice Token: What is it?

The new DICE token is born from the established, although not too old, online casino Mega Dice, which has gained a certain reputation in the industry as being safe. The aim of the launch is to become the first online casino to give rewards to its users via this cryptocurrency.

Thanks to DICE, users can obtain passive income thanks to the staking mechanism, or have access to premium content and exclusive rewards, but also win a limited edition NFT, which offers further privileges and special rewards.

DICE also allows you to obtain daily rewards based on casino revenue by staking the tokens purchased during the presale. The project plans to launch various airdrops for players on the platform: one is already underway which offers $2,250,000 distributed over three seasons.

To participate in this event, you need to bet more than $5,000 per season.

Mega Dice Token: Tokenomics and Roadmap

The Mega Dice token can also count on a well-structured tokenomics, aimed at promoting the growth and development of the ecosystem. The total offering amounts to 420,000,000 tokens, divided between pre-sales (35%), airdrops (15%), liquidity pools (15%), DICE pools in the casino (another 15%), rewards for staking (10%), marketing (5%) and affiliates (the last 5%).

The project, offering more than 50% of the supply to investors, manifests itself as decentralized and minimizes the risk of back pull.

The roadmap is also well articulated: in the first phase the pre-sale launch was planned in conjunction with a marketing campaign, with the aim of reaching a hard cap of $10 million.

Investors will subsequently be able to request their tokens to trade them on DEXs or stake them to obtain further rewards.

Mega Dice Launches Its Airdrop

Mega Dice also plans to launch multiple airdrops, the first of which, now underway, is worth $2.25 million and is split into three seasons, with an award of $750,000 for each.

The project also includes an early bird bonus, limited edition NFTs, a referral program, and the integration of the token into the casino ecosystem in order to guarantee users exclusive access, rewards, and benefits.

The current Season 1 airdrop is offering $750,000 – players must wager a minimum of $5,000 within 21 days to participate.

How to Participate in the Mega Dice Token Presale

Buying Mega Dice token is easy and safe even for less experienced investors. Here are the steps to follow to obtain DICE tokens.

1. Set up a crypto wallet

DICE tokens can only be purchased on the official Mega Dice presale website with SOL, ETH, and BNB. The token will be released in multi-chain mode on the same blockchain used to make the payment, so the wallet to be connected must be compatible with the Solana chain, i.e. the same one on which the Mega Dice casino operates

You will therefore need to be in possession of a Phantom, Trust, Solflare, or Coinbase wallet, which can also be installed via an app on mobile devices.

2: Connect the wallet to the official presale

At this point, it will be necessary to connect the wallet to the official Mega Dice presale website. Once logged in, simply click on the " Connect Wallet " button on the homepage and follow the instructions.

3: Buy DICE

After connecting the wallet, you can enter the amount of SOL, ETH, or BNB to exchange with DICE. At this point, it will be possible to stake DICE tokens and start earning passive returns.

The tokens that will not be blocked will be transferred to the buyer's wallet at the end of the presale, at the same time as the listing on the first DEX chosen by the team.

The launch of $DICE and its full integration with the Mega Dice ecosystem opens up more engagement opportunities for users, while also leading to more revenue.

Those who are interested and want to better evaluate the project can stay updated with the news and developments of the Mega Dice token ($DICE) on X/Twitter and Telegram. (SPONSORED CONTENT)

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