OrmocDoc acquires its first Magnetic Resonance Imaging system, marking groundbreaking advancements in imaging technology

OrmocDoc acquires first Magnetic Resonance Imaging, groundbreaking  advancements in Imaging Technology.
OrmocDoc acquires first Magnetic Resonance Imaging, groundbreaking advancements in Imaging Technology.

Ormoc Doctors Hospital is beyond grateful to announce its acquisition of the cutting-edge  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine MAGNETOM Sempra with 1.5 Tesla, the first in  Ormoc City, marking a significant advancement in diagnostic capabilities. This new addition  underlines its commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare services to Leyte and  Ormoc communities.  

"CebuDoc Group is proud to introduce this latest non-invasive imaging technology to the  Ormoc community, the MRI Machine – MAGNETOM Sempra, as part of our ongoing  dedication to innovation and reliable patient care, said Doctor Potenciano SD Larrazabal III,  CebuDoc Group's president and chairman of the board.  

This groundbreaking MRI technology, MAGNETOM Sempra from Siemens Healthineers  Philippines, represents a significant advancement in medical imaging. It provides detailed  images of organs and tissues within the body and is suitable for various clinical applications,  including neurology, orthopedics, body imaging, cardiology, angiography, and more. 

Dr. Gardenia Larrazabal, OrmocDoc Medical Director, stated that the new MRI machine at  OrmocDoc allows patients to access services locally, reducing the need for referrals and  improving healthcare accessibility. 

The MAGNETOM Sempra with 1.5 Tesla.
The MAGNETOM Sempra with 1.5 Tesla.

Ultimate features of MAGNETOM Sempra: Elevating productivity and efficiency to new  neights  

The ultimate features of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - MAGNETOM Sempra with  1.5 Tesla position as the game-changer in medical imaging technology, highlighting  OrmocDoc's commitment to advancing healthcare, being the first-of-its-kind innovation in  Ormoc City. 

“Acquiring the first MRI machine in Ormoc City and the whole of Leyte is a significant  milestone for OrmocDoc. We are truly excited about this new state-of-the-art MRI machine,  which can be a great help, especially for those who need it the most”, Dr. Larrazabal explained. 

It offers more thorough details regarding anomalies that might not be visible with other  scanning machines. The flexibility of the MRI machine – MAGNETOM Sempra with 1. 5 Tesla  expands its clinical applications by enabling the diagnosis and management of cancer,  musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and more. 

Dr. Maria Begone Larrazabal-Roullo, chairman of the Department of Radiology, stated that  this imaging technology represents a significant advancement in MRI technology. It offers a  combination of speed, image quality, patient comfort, and versatility to meet the needs of  our doctors.

The improved diagnostic capabilities will enable early detection and treatment of various  medical conditions, ultimately improving patient prognosis and quality of life. It produces  high-resolution images, essential for accurate diagnosis, with advanced coil technology,  noise reduction algorithms, and powerful image reconstruction techniques. 

Center: Dr. Yong Larrazabal III.
Center: Dr. Yong Larrazabal III.

Paving the way for healthcare innovation  

Dr. Yong Larrazabal, III, emphasizes the importance of continual innovation in healthcare. 

"We continually strive to redefine healthcare standards, ensuring everyone who entrusts us  with their health receives the highest quality care. This isn't just a promise; it's our driving  force, guiding us towards a future where healthcare reaches new heights of effectiveness  and accessibility to everyone," proclaimed Doctor Potenciano SD Larrazabal, III, CDG  president and chairman of the board. 

The latest MRI MAGNETOM Sempra with 1.5 Tesla stands out with its flexible detectors and  user-friendly interface, making the imaging process smoother and more efficient for patients  and doctors. 

It enhances diagnostic accuracy, reduces examination times, and provides a more  comfortable patient experience, thereby setting a new standard in medical imaging. 

"The higher signal as 1.5 Tesla significantly enhances the ability to detect subtle changes in  tissues and organs, making early diagnosis and treatment more effective," Dr. Roullo  mentioned. 

"We aim to improve our diagnostic capabilities and uphold our commitment to providing  exceptional medical care to our patients by integrating this cutting-edge MRI machine like  the MAGNETOM Sempra with 1.5 Tesla,” Dr. Larrazabal added.

OrmocDoc revolutionizes healthcare by introducing the first MRI machine in Ormoc City,  providing high-quality imaging services closer to the City.  

OrmocDoc proudly serves as the home of the first MRI machine in Ormoc City, revolutionizing  healthcare in the region with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive diagnostic  services.  

Engr. Hilario Jake Cortes, the Hospital Administrator of OrmocDoc, expressed his gratitude  for making this acquisition possible.  

He stated, "The availability of the MRI at OrmocDoc can bring hope to nearby residents who  need detailed imaging. Early detection and precise diagnosis will now be possible without  the anxiety and agony of risky, expensive, and sometimes painful trips to Tacloban, Cebu, or  Manila for an MRI. 

It has impacted the lives of residents in Ormoc City and the surrounding areas by providing  convenient access to advanced imaging services, lowering travel costs, and saving time.

Dr. Gardenia Larrazabal mentioned, "This opens up new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment,  and patient care, which can be exciting and promising. With this, everyone in the community,  not just from Ormoc City, will have easy access to MRI". 

You will experience the best diagnostic imaging with the OrmocDoc Radiology Department,  where your health is our priority, Engr. Cortes added.  

For more information, contact OrmocDoc at 560 8206 local 122 or (0927) 127 8462, and you may email the hospital at ormocdoctorsradiology2021@gmail.com. (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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