Streamline your processes and workflows with Base

Streamline your processes and workflows with Base.
Streamline your processes and workflows with Base.

Discover how Authentic System Solutions can help streamline your construction business processes & workflows.

Project & Budget

Automatically prompt requestor of any over budget request based on Project BOM or BOQ.

Expenditure Cycle

Standardize your Procure-to-Pay process. Track project expenses at every step. Use your mobile phone to approve any request.

Revenue Cycle

Properly account receivables such as mobilization, progress bill, recoupment & retention. Easily compute for VAT deferred & VAT Output payable.

Warehousing & Inventory

Manage multiple warehouses anywhere. Standardize your inventory process & monitoring.


Utilize project related reports such as Project Actual Expenses vs Budget, Expenses by Supplier, and Income Statement Per Project. Generate standard financial reports anytime.

Fixed Assets

Easily account equipment usage to your project. Track equipment life cycle.


BASE is compliant with BIR Computerized Accounting System requirements.

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Equipment Rental, Crushing Plant, and Batching Plant.

For more information, you may contact (0917) 772 1585 or (0933) 414 5788. (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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