Top 5 new coins likely to be listed on Coinbase in 2024

An effective way to get started in the world of crypto investing is to keep an eye on the latest listings on Coinbase. As one of the oldest and most popular exchanges in the world, Coinbase offers a variety of opportunities for crypto investing. Learn more about the most interesting potential new Coinbase listings in 2024.

5 Coins Likely to Be Listed on Coinbase – Overview

Do you want to know which cryptocurrencies make sense to buy? In the following sections, we will take a closer look at some potential new Coinbase listings that are currently attracting the interest of crypto investors.

1. Dogeverse – Multi-Chain Meme Coin with High Staking APY

Once Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) announces an official coin launch after its presale, the token will likely be listed on Coinbase next. This is expected, as the project was able to raise over $250,000 within minutes of launching its ICO.

Especially before “Doge Day” on April 20th this year, the  $DOGEVERSE token attracted a lot of interest from investors. Dogeverse is the first and most well-known dog meme coin available on various blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Base. 

There are 200 billion tokens in total, 15% of which are reserved for the presale. This limited number creates scarcity and offers early investors an attractive 110% return through staking in the early stages of the presale.

Why is Dogeverse expected to be listed on Coinbase?

Dogeverse is a likely new Coinbase listing for several reasons, the most important of which is the overwhelming support the token has already received in its currently ongoing presale. Although relatively new, this token has managed to reach its hard cap of 15 million in less than two months, which is definitely an indicator of the coin's success and is also reflected in the positive Dogeverse prediction until 2030.

Presales started April 2024

Purchase method ETH, USDT

Chain Ethereum Blockchain

Hard Cap 20 billion US dollars

Min Investment none

Max Investment none

2. Sealana – New Solana-based meme token with a fixed price

Another new cryptocurrency that shows the potential for a listing on Coinbase is Sealana ($SEAL). It is a recently launched crypto presale on Solana that combines the humor of memes with an interesting story.

The token is based on a popular character from the TV series South Park and embodies an American seal that humorously portrays the life of a trader in his mother's basement. Current Sealana forecasts point to an interesting investment in this token.

Investors can buy $SEAL by sending $SOL directly to the official Sealana wallet address. This method has proven successful for other meme coins as well (some meme coins managed to raise over $15 million in just 4 weeks this way).

Alternatively, you can use the purchase widget on the Sealana website and purchase $SEAL by connecting a Solana wallet. Sealana has a fixed price of 1 SOL for 6,900 $SEAL tokens during the presale.

Why is Sealana expected to be listed on Coinbase?

Sealana has raised over $2 million in less than a month due to its strong community. There are also similarities with the popular meme coin Slothana (rumored to be created by the same team), which recently reached a market cap of over $100 million. This makes $SLOTH a strong contender for a Coinbase listing, and thus $SEAL is also a strong candidate.

Chain Solana

Purchase method SEAL

Token price 1 Sol = 6,900 $SEAL

Max. Invest Not specified

3. WienerAI – AI meme coin with high staking APY

In 2024, Coinbase and other leading crypto exchanges are trying to capitalize on the excitement surrounding new listings. One token in focus as a potential new Coinbase listing is the AI ​​coin WienerAI.

This ambitious project has quickly attracted enormous interest by cleverly leveraging the previous success of dog meme coins and cutting-edge AI technology. The Wiener AI forecasts point to a positive development of the coin.

The $WAI purchase already offers investors concrete added value through high staking rewards of currently over 700% APY, which promotes an actively engaged community. The token's supply cap and its deflationary mechanisms also position it as a candidate for a Coinbase listing.

The project's recent launch of an AI trading bot has all but confirmed its inclusion in major crypto exchanges. This trading bot uses predictive algorithms and a user-friendly interface to help users find crypto secrets with the greatest potential in the market.

Why is WienerAI expected to be listed on Coinbase?

WienerAI is proving to be an attractive crypto bull run investment and could soon be listed on Coinbase after raising over $2.3 million during the first month of the presale. In addition, investor interest in WienerAI has increased sharply, with trading volume exceeding $130,000 in mid-May 2024.

Presale started April 2024

Purchase method ETH, USDT, BNB

Chain Ethereum

Token Type ERC-20

Token Total 69 billion

Max. Investment None

4. Mega Dice – New Solana Casino with Huge Airdrop Rewards Campaign

Mega Dice is an innovative GameFi Solana-based crypto casino with a cryptocurrency with a future that could soon be listed on Coinbase. The casino already has over 10,000 active monthly players and offers more than 4,000 games from leading providers.

The casino is now launching a token presale that will allow investors to purchase tokens using ETH, BNB, and SOL. Over $300,000 has already been raised on the first day of the presale, indicating strong interest and trust in the project. Currently, you can buy Mega Dice tokens cheaply.

Mega Dice offers attractive incentives for $DICE token holders who choose to stake their tokens. They receive daily rewards determined by the casino's revenue, thus increasing the attractiveness of holding and staking $DICE.

In addition, selected token holders will receive exclusive limited edition NFTs that offer them special privileges and recognition within the community.

The casino also offers a lucrative referral program that allows users to earn a generous 10% commission for each successful pre-sale referral, with no maximum limit. This program encourages active participation and motivates users to invite others, thus contributing to the formation of a robust and engaged community around the project.

As our current Mega Dice Token forecast shows, an investment in $DICE can be worthwhile.

Why is Mega Dice expected to be listed on Coinbase?

Mega Dice could soon be the newest cryptocurrency on Coinbase. With over 10,000 active monthly users, the casino has already established itself as a brand. The quick capital raise of $1.3 million underlines its promising position on our list.

Presales started April 2024

Purchase method ETH, SOL, BNB

Token Price 1 $DICE = $0.069

Chain SOL

Soft Cap $5,000,000

Hard Cap $10,000,000

5. 99Bitcoins – Popular crypto learning platform with high staking rewards

One of the newest coins that could soon be listed on Coinbase is 99Bitcoins. It is an innovative learn-to-earn ecosystem where token holders are rewarded with $99BTC for their knowledge.

By actively participating in educational content, taking quizzes, and participating in interactive learning modules, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies and turn their learning experience into a rewarding journey.

Token holders also get access to exclusive benefits such as advanced training courses, trading webinars, and VIP community groups. This makes $99BTC one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy today. This is also reflected in a positive 99Bitcoins forecast until 2030.

The $99BTC token serves as both a reward and provides staking opportunities. Investors can earn rewards by staking their $99BTC tokens for two years through the staking dashboard, with 14% of the total supply reserved for staking rewards.

Additionally, $99,999 worth of Bitcoin will be distributed to 99 community members who join the program earlier than others.

Why is 99Bitcoins expected to be listed on Coinbase?

99Bitcoins could be listed on Coinbase for several reasons. Most importantly, a listing is to be expected because the token is backed by one of the leading crypto/bitcoin websites with over 700,000 users. This large community significantly increases the coin's potential and makes a listing on Coinbase very likely. In the current presale, the token has already raised over $1.4 million, which shows the high demand and popularity of the brand.

Presales started April 2024

Purchase method ETH, USDT, BNB, Credit Card

Soft Cap $5,353,425

Hard Cap $11,070,675

Chain ETH, later transition to BRC20

Max Investment No Max Invest

How often does Coinbase add new cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, Coinbase does not have a set schedule for adding new tokens. Currently, the cryptocurrency exchange has already listed more than 200 of the largest tokens in the world. Since Coinbase strives to only include the best assets available, listings only take place after a rigorous review process. Those waiting for new listings should keep an eye on the platform. 

Coinbase used to be very reserved and gave little information about new cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, the company is more transparent. Occasionally, the exchange announces a new listing in advance through its social networks.

For example, Coinbase on X (formerly Twitter) recently announced the listing of Euro Coin on their platform.

But don't worry, you don't have to check Coinbase every day to not miss a new coin listing, you can also set up a notification on Coinbase. Since Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, a new listing could immediately affect the price of the token. So it's worth staying up to date.

Why invest in coins before listing on Coinbase?

A look at some reasons why it may make sense to invest in cryptocurrencies before they are listed on top exchanges like Coinbase:

●      Lower prices: Before listing on Coinbase and other global exchanges, investors can invest in token presales. A presale is the first opportunity for the general public to purchase a token, often at a lower price.

●      Potential bonuses: Many presale projects offer bonuses to early investors. Some projects also allow you to lock your tokens for a staking period to earn additional bonuses. This allows you to earn additional tokens before the cryptocurrency is listed on major exchanges.

●      Low liquidity and limited availability: Cryptocurrencies often have low trading activity and limited accessibility before they are listed on major exchanges. This leads to low liquidity but also scarcity on trading platforms. Early investors can earn significant returns if the cryptocurrency is listed on exchanges like Coinbase. Early adoption and high demand upon listing can lead to significant appreciation of the investment.

How to find upcoming Coinbase listings early

There is no sure way to know which coin will be listed next on Coinbase and when. However, there are some steps to discover new coins on Coinbase.

●      Check the Coinbase Announcements Page for New Listings: The easiest way to find new cryptocurrencies on Coinbase is to check the Coinbase Listings Announcements Page. It lists all the coins that have been announced by Coinbase.

●      Follow the official Coinbase social media channels: Another way to stay informed about upcoming Coinbase listings is to follow the official Coinbase social media channels, where all new coins are announced.

●      Read Crypto News: Crypto news portals often report on potential upcoming listings on Coinbase and predict which projects might be included after completing their crypto ICO.

●      Follow crypto influencers: Following crypto influencers can also be helpful in learning about new projects that may be listed on Coinbase. Some influencers regularly share their views on promising projects.


Investing early in new Coinbase listings can pay off if you're smart. Keep the points discussed in this post in mind when choosing upcoming Coinbase listings. Despite successful presales and current popularity, not all projects perform well in the future, so be cautious and do your research thoroughly before investing.

Our research shows that Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies currently. This new meme coin offers high staking returns and a multi-chain network.

You can also visit for more meme coin opportunities


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