Wiener AI ($WAI) price prediction from 2024 to 2040

Wiener AI ($WAI) price prediction from 2024 to 2040

Wiener AI is a Meme Coin that has been getting a lot of attention since its presale began on April 11, 2024. We want to help the community know how high the price of its $WAI token can go in the years 2024 to 2040. After an analysis in-depth, the team reveals its Wiener AI forecast in this article.

Wiener AI Forecast 2024 to 2040 – Summary

To make our forecast on Wiener AI, we went through all the documentation available on its official website: Tokenomic, Roadmap, and Whitepaper, everything was scrutinized. Launched at a price of $0.000702 in April 2024, here is an overall overview of the future of $WAI.

●      Wiener AI 2024 Prediction: We quickly noticed that Wiener AI is a project quite similar to Scotty the AI. $WAI has already attracted over $600,000 in investment and appears to be ramping up its marketing work to build its “Sausage Army.” By arriving on DEXs quickly, the token can largely reach $100 million in capitalization in 2024. The price would be $0.001449. (Bullish scenario)

●      Wiener AI 2025 forecast: In full bullrun, many tokens are expected to reach historic highs by 2025. Wiener AI will have to succeed in being listed on the first CEXs (centralized exchanges like Binance) and prove that its first artificial intelligence applications are useful to their community. If this is the case, a capitalization of 1 billion dollars is possible. The price would be $0.01449. (Bullish scenario)

●      Wiener AI 2030 Forecast: With a total supply of 69 billion tokens that will be fully issued by 2030, investors should no longer experience inflation. But to survive until 2030, Wiener AI will have to rely on its community and the development of revolutionary AI tools. By achieving this, $WAI can reach a capitalization of $1.5 billion in full bullrun. The price would be $0.02173. (Bullish scenario)


●      Wiener AI 2040 forecast: It is difficult to know whether regulations in the cryptocurrency sector will be favorable to Wiener AI by 2040 and whether competitors can come and erase this project. One thing is certain this year will be marked by a potential bear market (bearish phase) which should cause the capitalization of $WAI to fall to 500 million dollars. The price would be $0.007246. (Bullish scenario)

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price

2024 $0.0005 $0.00097 $0.001449

2025 $0.002 $0.0082 $0.01449

2030 $0.003 $0.012 $0.02173

2040 $0.0007 $0.0039 $0.007246

Wiener AI Forecast: Our Complete Analysis

Wiener AI's forecast cannot be considered investment advice. We ask every investor to DYOR (Do your own research) before deciding to invest in the token. Our full analysis below can, however, give you the direction to make your Wiener AI forecast.

Wiener AI – Forecast 2024

When the official announcement of the launch of its presale on April 11, 2024, and the discovery of its whitepaper, we immediately saw many similarities with $SCOTTY, which had managed to reach more than 40 million dollars in capitalization from its launch on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges).

With already nearly $600,000 raised in just a few days, the idea of ​​creating a token that mixes artificial intelligence with Meme coin seems to be completely validated by an entire community of degens (Investors in risky cryptos). With almost $100,000 in daily investments at the moment, everything even seems to be accelerating thanks to the marketing work of the teams.

The hard cap of $14.5 million could be reached by June-July 2024, which would be excellent timing for its launch on DEXs and the first CEXs. $WAI could hope to achieve similar success to Scotty the AI ​​by leveraging its new community: the “Sausage Army”.

By the end of 2024, Wiener AI can easily reach $100,000,000 in capitalization and get noticed by larger exchanges. The price of $WAI in 2024 would then be $0.001449.

Wiener AI – Forecast 2025

Wiener AI's tokenomics clearly expresses its desire to build a strong community around its token. With 70% of the supply which will be distributed to degens through pre-sale, staking and community rewards, this eliminates the risk of the team leaving with the fund during the year 2025.

In the midst of a bullrun (bullish phase of the market) at this time, many people could make significant profits on Bitcoin, Ethereum and the main altcoins. Quickly, new projects like Wiener Dog AI could benefit from this influx of liquidity in DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

By also releasing its first artificial intelligence tools to satisfy and reassure its “Sausage Army”, the $WAI can have the ambition of joining the top 5 Meme coins by the year 2025.

By managing to place itself just behind Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, Dogwifhat, and Bonk, $WAI can reach a capitalization of $1 billion at its peak in 2025. The price of the token would then be $0.01449.

Wiener AI – Forecast 2030

By the year 2030, all $ 69,000,000,000 WAI will be in circulation and should be available on major exchanges. If the project manages to attract large transaction volumes, Wiener AI could even be part of an upcoming Binance listing and benefit from new visibility.

However, to succeed in passing a bear market (bearish phase) that should take place between 2026 and 2028, the $WAI will have to prove that it is not just a simple dachshund coin. The artificial intelligence tools announced by the teams will have to be up to par and really serve the community.

We have no doubt that the halving (an event that takes place every 4 years on Bitcoin which generally leads to a significant increase) of 2028 can have a significant impact in 2030 on “secondary” tokens like $WAI. If the marketing work continues and the “Sausage Army” has been satisfied with the latest technological advances of Wiener AI, the price could reach new heights in 2030.

It is obviously recommended to take a large portion of your profits on $WAI from the end of the 2025 bullrun. However, by keeping a moonbag (a small number of tokens kept after taking profits) until 2030, it is possible to reach new highs at more than 1.5 billion capitalization. The price of $WAI would therefore be $0.02173.

Wiener AI – Forecast 2040

We ask our readers not to think too far ahead of Meme coins like $WAI. By 2040, a lot of regulations and changes in the DeFi sector could arrive and tilt the price of $WAI in one direction or the other. Even though global adoption of cryptocurrencies could already happen by this decade, new narratives and bigger players may arrive.

Wiener AI will have to face significant challenges to succeed in maintaining its community until 2040 and to experience new advances. This Meme coin will certainly have to find a real mission in the field of AI to carve out a lasting place in the DeFi landscape.

By imagining that $WAI becomes a real utility token of the ecosystem of this Wiener Dog AI dachshund and that real applications are developed and launched by the project, the latter can actually survive until 2040.

Even if $WAI can still be alive by the year 2040 by offering new artificial intelligence applications, the bear market (bearish phase) expected during this period could still cause its capitalization to drop to $500 million. The price of $WAI would then be $0.007246.


$WAI Future: Minimum and Maximum Potential between 2024 and 2040

Our prediction on Wiener AI is a pure estimate by specialists in the field, who do not hold the absolute truth. As you know, the cryptocurrency industry experiences significant changes every year and therefore $WAI can experience great volatility compared to reported prices. In our opinion, here is the minimum and maximum potential of this token between 2024 and 2040:

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price

2024 $0.0005 $0.00097 $0.001449

2025 $0.002 $0.0082 $0.01449

2030 $0.003 $0.012 $0.02173

2040 $0.0007 $0.0039 $0.007246

Wiener AI – Price History

As you have understood, Wiener AI is still in its pre-sale phase and no price history exists on DEXs or CEXs. Launched at a price of $0.000702 on April 11, 2024, the raising will take place over 15 phases until reaching a hard cap of approximately $15 million ($20.7 billion WAI).

What is Wiener AI?

“Wiener” pays homage to the famous scientist Norbert Wiener, pioneer of cybernetics and therefore of artificial intelligence around 1947.

Wiener AI is a project that considers itself: “Part Dog, Part AI, Part Sausage”. Concretely, this means that the $WAI integrates several narratives (like a certain $SCOTTY):

●      Same corner: A sausage dog, or rather, a Dachshund as an emblem;

●      Artificial Intelligence: The team promises to unveil cutting-edge AI tools for its community;

●      Sausage: Building a community called “Sausage Army” through extensive marketing work.

Launched on the Ethereum network, a total of 69,000,000,000 $WAI was issued with allocations mainly oriented towards distribution to its community: 30% presale, 20% staking, 20% community rewards, 10% DEX/CEX liquidity, and 20% for marketing.

As you understand, Wiener Dog AI's ERC-20 network allows its first investors to use a staking pool to receive passive rewards (up to more than 1,000% depending on the number of tokens blocked).

Wiener AI therefore wishes to become one of the first Meme coins to break into artificial intelligence, thanks to its “Sausage Army” recruited throughout its marketing work with renowned influencers on Youtube, and existing channels. Until reaching a listing on Tier 1 exchanges. 

Wiener AI Features

What elements can influence the price of Wiener AI?

It is impossible to predict the future of a cryptocurrency like Wiener AI without taking into account the internal and external elements that can directly influence its price.

1. Quality of AI applications

Wiener Dog AI promises to be one of the first community tokens aiming to dominate the artificial intelligence sector. When we know that specialized projects like Bittensor, Fetch, or Render exist, we have no doubt that the competition is tough. The teams behind $WAI will absolutely have to realize their ambitions by releasing the first AI applications usable by the community.

In our opinion, Wiener AI could still benefit from the “AI Bubble” which could arrive in the coming months. This sector, currently capitalized at more than $20 billion in the world of DeFi, is expected to reach historic highs during the next bullrun and become the No. 1 narrative. The quality of the applications revealed by the $WAI will therefore directly influence the price of the token, which can definitively integrate this sector.

2. Creation of the Sausage Army

Also being a Meme coin (speculative in nature for the moment), the price of $WAI will obviously be impacted mainly by the ability of its teams to bring together its community.

Obviously, this budget will be spent as the project progresses, after the listing of $WAI on the DEXs. During the pre-sale, the personal funds of the founding teams are used to pay for advertising, collaborate with influencers, and increase the visibility of Wiener AI to create its community.

The reactions of people and investors on social networks will obviously enormously influence the future of the price of $WAI. If the Wiener AI presale ends on time, by June-July 2024, all the lights will be green!

3. Listing of $WAI

When you decide to buy cryptocurrencies like $WAI, the goal is obviously to place yourself at a time when visibility is at its lowest. However, for long-term success and an appreciation of the price of Wiener Dog, the provision of new liquidity thanks to the listing will be essential as soon as the pre-sale ends.

On its roadmap, Wiener AI announces that 10% of the supply is planned for DEX/CEX liquidity. This is excellent news which will certainly allow teams to distribute tokens to exchanges like MEXC, Kucoin, or Binance to encourage rapid listing.

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