Filipina teen makes history as first in final lineup of ‘Universe Ticket’

Filipina teen makes history as first in final lineup of ‘Universe Ticket’
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Filipina talent Elisia Parmisano, a 14-year-old trainee, has made history by securing the first-place position in the final lineup of SBS’s “Universe Ticket,” a groundbreaking achievement for international representation in K-Pop.

“Universe Ticket” is an ongoing South Korean reality competition done in a K-Pop Girl Group Survival Show style.

Elisia is not only the first Filipina trainee to achieve this milestone but also the only confirmed member currently, awaiting the selection of the remaining seven.

Elisia’s artistic journey began in the Philippines, and she gained initial recognition in the 2019 Filipino drama “Nang Ngumiti ang Langit.” With family ties to the entertainment industry as the cousin of Marcus from HORI7ON, Elisia has carved her path in the world of performance.

In “Universe Ticket,” Elisia showcased her versatility and dedication, participating in the recording of the show’s signal songs, “Come With Me? (Universe)” and “Ticket To You,” highlighting her vocal abilities and adaptability.

Her impressive progression in the competition started with an 11th place in pre-voting, leading to a victorious 1 vs. 1 battle with YooA’s “Selfish,” propelling her to fifth place in the first Global Ticketing event.

Elisia’s consistent improvement elevated her from “M” to “I” class in the first PRISM promotion and further from “I” to “P” class in the second PRISM promotion, securing her early confirmation in the debut lineup.

PRISM is a pyramid-level system in which level P is the top and M is the lowest score. The first eight girls who reach the level P are set to debut in the final lineup.

Elisia’s early selection for the final lineup of “Universe Ticket” is a significant achievement, setting her apart in the competitive landscape of K-Pop. Her success serves as a source of inspiration and symbolizes the evolving diversity within the K-pop industry. Regardless of geographical and cultural boundaries, Elisia’s story resonates with the message that talent and determination can pave the way to success.

In parallel, another Filipina talent, Gehlee Dangca, has been making waves in the competition. With consistently impressive performances, Gehlee has become a favorite, approaching the possibility of securing her debut alongside Elisia. As the show’s live finale approaches on Jan. 17, 2024, there’s palpable excitement and a rallying call for fans to support Gehlee, ensuring her place in the final lineup.


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