Filipino Halloween costumes: A spooky delight

Halloween is the time when we revel in the eerie and the extraordinary, and what better way to celebrate than by embracing the spookiest and most iconic characters from Filipino folklore and pop culture.

From the spine-chilling “Aswang” to the ethereal elegance of Anne Curtis, here’s your guide to creating the most captivating costumes this Halloween:


Dive into the eerie world of Philippine folklore with this vampiric infant costume. With pale makeup, sharp fangs, and a blood-stained appearance, you’ll spook everyone in sight. Get ready to give yourself the creeps.


For those seeking a more ghostly allure, look no further than the eerie “Kambabae.” This haunting spirit is said to wander near water bodies, portraying the essence of a woman with a tragic tale. Get into character by adorning yourself in white, letting your hair flow freely, and applying ghostly makeup for that otherworldly touch. You’re bound to make a haunting impression at any Halloween gathering.

If traditional spook isn’t your style, take inspiration from some iconic celebrity looks that are sure to turn heads.

Kathryn Bernardo ABS-CBN Ball 2023

Who could forget Kathryn Bernardo’s stunning appearance in that mesmerizing Mark Bumgarner gown? Recreate the magic by finding a similar silver gown or transforming a regular dress into a shimmering sensation with some silver fabric spray. Keep the accessories minimal with simple silver jewelry and rock a chic short hairdo for that extra touch of glam.

Anne Curtis Paris Fashion Week

Anne Curtis made waves during her Paris Fashion Week debut, showcasing elegance in an ethereal white dress from Loewe. You can channel her angelic grace by donning a similar white dress from your local store or even by fashioning a DIY dress from a white bed sheet or tablecloth. Pair it with subtle gold jewelry and nude heels for a sophisticated finish.

Hailee Steinfeld Hawkeye vibe

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not take on the role of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop from Hawkeye? Recreate her badass look on a budget by starting with a black bodysuit, pants and boots. Add some purple flair with painted stripes on your arms or legs. Complete the look with a bow and arrow set, a quiver and a mysterious black mask to add that perfect dose of mystique.

This Halloween, whether you choose to embrace the spookiness of Filipino folklore or embody the allure of your favorite celebrity, let your costume be the talk of the town. Dress to impress and enjoy the frightful festivities. (Ana Moule Y. Pancho, USC Intern / Writer)


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