Final bluff of a fading political dynasty

By Akbayan
Final bluff of a fading political dynasty
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The Dutertes’ recent announcement that three clan members will run for the Senate in 2025 reeks of desperation.

It’s the final bluff of a fading political dynasty. It is the last gasp by a faltering old man and his offspring to cling to political relevance.

With Vice President Sara Duterte out of the Cabinet and stripped of confidential funds and former President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies nearing potential International Criminal Court arrest, the Dutertes are devoid of strategic moves and lack a coherent political project to survive.

In their panic, they’re trying to bluff through this crisis, but their old tricks are worn out.

The public sees through their theatrics.

Let’s call this what it is: the Dutertes’ Desperate Slate.

Our advice to the Dutertes: Instead of a tired charade, prepare for your inevitable date with justice.


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