From ‘aquatecture’ to ‘bow stacking,’ Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2024

From ‘aquatecture’ to ‘bow stacking,’ Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2024

Pinterest, the ultimate moodboard haven, has become the style oracle for every vibe imaginable — be it kitchenware, fashion, apartment therapy or the world of craft making. It’s safe to say that it’s a space where every niche finds its visual sanctuary, drawing in a staggering audience of almost 500 million users.

The fun catch to this is that Pinterest has an uncanny ability to predict trends with an astounding 80 percent accuracy over the past four years. How, one asks? Through a predictive methodology that learns patterns and searches by users over time.

“People use Pinterest to plan for the future. This means that we have a unique insight into what’s going to be really big, really soon,” wrote Pinterest’s “Pinterest Predicts: Our 2024 Trend Forecast.”

So if one is already curious for the trends coming up for this freshly minted new year, here are some of the predictions reported by the app:


The surge in interest towards aquatic architecture stems from a desire for unique and personalized home decor. Gen X and Millennials are trading up their fish bowls for more elaborate underwater landscapes. Modern living spaces will embrace the avant-garde spheres of “small aquarium designs” and extravagant “turtle terrariums.”

“In 2024, aquatic architecture will be the hot new way to style a home. Your guppies will be living large,” Pinterest reported.

Bow stacking

Take a bow because the girly aesthetic is not ebbing away this year, as more and more people are stacking bows everywhere in their outfits. Don’t just wear bows; flaunt them at the end of your braids, tie them on accessories to your shoes or let them swing as the coolest earrings in town. Be creative, as things are only getting girlier than ever.

“In 2024, we will take a bow. Millennials and Gen Z will embrace the art of ‘bow stacking’ as they adorn their outfits, shoes, hair and jewelery with this oh-so-delicate detail,” wrote Pinterest.

Eclectic grandpa

Bring out one’s grandpa’s chest of wardrobes because time is taking a trip back to the past. No need to scour for new fashion inspiration; it might just be one’s grandpa sitting at home. Imagine retro spectacles, chic cardigans, mismatched socks or tweed overcoats making a stylish comeback.

“2024 style inspo? Your grandad! In 2024, Gen Z and Boomers will embrace ‘grandpa core’ and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes,” wrote Pinterest.

Be jelly

“Be jolly and be jelly” is set to be the mantra of the year. From jellyfish haircuts and jellyfish lamps to jellyfish hats, anything jelly is a buzzer word in this year’s fashion scene. Gen Z and Millennials are riding the tide of this squishy aesthetic.

“Are you ready for this jelly? From home décor to couture to beauty ideas, a whole mood will bubble up in 2024 inspired by your favourite invertebrate: jellyfish,” wrote Pinterest.


No minimalist aesthetic is safe. This movement rejects the sterile minimalism often associated with kitchen design, embracing a more eclectic and expressive approach. This year, Gen X and Boomers will stylize their kitchen spaces with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and fun pops of paint.

“They say the party always moves to the kitchen. But sometimes, the kitchen is the party,” wrote Pinterest.

Making a racket

The forecast for 2024 suggests that Gen Z and Millennials are poised to develop a keen interest in badminton, marking a shift in recreational preferences. The surge in searches for “badminton outfit” and “playing badminton aesthetic” indicates not only a fascination with the sport itself but also an emphasis on the stylish and visually appealing aspects associated with playing it.

“Don’t miss out—this racquet sport is spiking on Pinterest with the force of an overhead smash,” wrote Pinterest.


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