GCash, partner train women in generative AI

GCash, partner train women in generative AI

FINANCE app GCash has partnered with Connected Women, a global community of tech-powered women, in launching Elevate Gail (Generative AI Learning) on April 17, 2024.

Elevate Gail is a flagship training program for women freelancers, micro-, small-, and medium- sized enterprises (MSMEs), and professionals who want to leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) for their professional growth and development.

Under the partnership, GCash will provide scholarships to 100 women who will undergo training under Elevate Gail. This will unlock opportunities for more women freelancers as they gain knowledge and skills to work with AI, allowing them to be more efficient and productive in view of varying roles they hold at home and in the workplace.

This initiative further underscores GCash’s commitment to bringing more women in tech and providing them with access to financial services through tech-driven solutions.

“With the rise of the gig economy and remote work, more freelancers are embracing the potential of Gen AI to enhance their productivity, creativity, and earning potential,” said GCash chief data officer Sara Venturina.

“However, access has remained a significant challenge for many talented individuals. Here is where our partnership with Connected Women comes into play – by combining the resources and expertise of both organizations, we aim to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem that empowers women in the field of Gen AI, which will help facilitate women’s financial progress,” she added.

Connected Women is an award-winning social impact organization based in the Philippines, that provides online skills development and remote work opportunities for women—the same highly skilled talent that global companies require in their businesses.

The partnership between GCash and Connected Women began in 2023, with the Connected Women platform being made available under the Earn Money Feature of GCash, providing women with opportunities to work from home. To date, over 68,000 women have signed up through this channel.

“Empowering women with skills for emerging technologies, such as AI, is not just about professional growth,” said Connected Women chief executive officer Agnes Gervacio.

“It’s about creating a more diverse and inclusive industry. GCash was our first company in mind when we were brainstorming this program. Through this, we aim to prepare women for the changing landscape of work and the inevitable disruption of AI,” she added.

During the Elevate Gail launch on April 17, Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Competitiveness and Innovation Group highlighted the importance of innovation and women in driving technological progress.

She emphasized the partnership with Connected Women as a commitment to promoting responsible AI adoption and digital transformation in the Philippines. The Gail program aims to empower women through online skills development, promote ethical AI practices, and engage them in shaping the tech ecosystem. This collaboration supports women entrepreneurs and fosters an inclusive environment for creativity and opportunities, with generative AI playing a role in enhancing human capabilities in creative tasks, design, and data analysis. / PR


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