Grand launch of XODE blockchain at Nustar Resort set June 19

Grand launch of XODE blockchain at Nustar Resort set June 19
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PREPARATIONS are underway for the grand launch of the XODE blockchain, the Philippines' first blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem, at Convention Center of the Nustar Resort and Casino on June 19.

Among those expected to attend are Cebu’s captains of industry, who are eager to explore the potential of blockchain technology in transforming business practices. Joining them will be university leaders, Web3 enthusiasts, and developers, as well as students from the field of information technology.

Notable attendees also include Web3 visionaries and classmates of XODE's co-founder, Harold Glenn Minerva, and AI engineer, Noah Oliver Rigonan, who studied together at the Polkadot Blockchain Academy, Wave 4, in Hong Kong. Their presence underscores the international significance of this event and the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in the blockchain community.

Adding to the anticipation is the keynote address to be delivered by a surprise guest. The speaker is expected to bring valuable insights and perspectives on the future of blockchain technology, further highlighting the importance of XODE's launch.

The event will also see the participation of top executives from For Next Generation, a Korean Private Investment Fund.

New era

XODE represents a significant milestone in the Philippines' technological advancement.

As the first blockchain in the country in the Polkadot ecosystem, XODE brings numerous benefits, including enhanced interoperability, scalability, immutability, and shared military-grade security. These features make it an ideal platform for a wide range of applications, from decentralized finance to supply chain management.

XODE leverages the Polkadot ecosystem's ability to facilitate seamless communication between and among different blockchains. This interoperability ensures that various applications can interact efficiently, fostering a more connected and cohesive blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the scalability offered by Polkadot's sharding technology allows XODE to handle a high volume of transactions, making it suitable for large-scale applications.

Security is also a paramount concern for any blockchain and XODE benefits from Polkadot's Open Gov, a shared governance and security model. This model ensures that all connected chains enjoy the robust security provided by the Polkadot relay chain, making XODE a resilient platform against potential threats. (Caesar Ditan)


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