Growing up with a hardcore metal Dad

Growing up with a hardcore metal Dad

When you hear the words “family life,” you might think of cozy Sunday dinners, quiet movie nights or peaceful weekends. But if you’ve ever lived with a hardcore metal dad, you know that “peaceful” isn’t exactly the right word.

Growing up with a dad who’s a die-hard fan of Metallica, Slayer and Black Sabbath, life has been anything but ordinary.

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning not to the chirping of birds but to the earth-shattering riffs of “Enter Sandman” blasting through the house. My dad, a fervent vinyl collector, has an impressive array of records that serve as our weekend wake-up call. The sheer volume could probably wake the neighbors three streets down. For my dad, it’s not just music; it’s a lifestyle. He has an entire wardrobe of band t-shirts, though sometimes they’re a tad too small, revealing a proud dad-bod belly that protrudes beneath the faded logos of his favorite bands. It’s a sight to behold, especially when he’s air-guitaring along with his favorite solos.

Fridays or Saturdays are his party nights, a tradition he’s upheld since his high school days. Our house transforms into a mini-concert venue, with his long-time friends joining in for a night of reminiscing and rock. The living room becomes a mosh pit, the kitchen a concession stand and the garden a chill-out zone. It’s like living with a rock star minus the paparazzi — although the neighbors might disagree.

One of the coolest perks of having a metalhead dad is the shoe collection. My dad has a thing for old-school Doc Martens, boasting over 25 pairs. Thankfully, we share the same shoe size. My favorite pair is the 1561s — they add a bit of height, which is a bonus since I’m not exactly tall. The high-cut 1560s are cool, but they can make me feel like I’m wearing stilts.

There were times when the heavy metal lifestyle caused a few riffs of its own at home. My parents had their fair share of disagreements, and sometimes my dad didn’t hit all the right notes in the fatherhood department. But during tough times, he always managed to deliver when it counted the most. Despite the chaos and occasional missteps, he’s always been there when it truly mattered.

Growing up with a hardcore metal dad has taught me that perfection isn’t about hitting every note flawlessly; it’s about the passion, effort and love you pour into the music of life. Not every dad is perfect, and they all have their quirks and missteps, but it’s those very imperfections that make them uniquely ours and endear them to us even more. My dad’s love for metal, his offbeat traditions, and his sometimes-misfitting band t-shirts all form a part of the beautiful, chaotic symphony of our family life.

So here’s to all the dads out there who rock in their special way — Happy Father’s Day! Whether you’re blasting heavy metal, sharing your vinyl collection, telling dad jokes or simply being there when it counts the most, you are the unsung heroes of our lives. Your efforts, no matter how unconventional, do not go unnoticed. On this special day, we celebrate you and the love, laughter and sometimes loud music you bring into our lives.

Rock on, dads! You are appreciated more than words can ever say.


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