Han So-hee clarifies relationship status with Ryu Jun-yeol, apologizes for impulsive response to rumors

Han So-hee clarifies relationship status  with Ryu Jun-yeol, apologizes for impulsive response to rumors

Han So Hee, a South Korean actress, confirmed her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol, known for his role in “Reply 1988,” in a personal blog post on Saturday, March 16, 2024. She chose to share the news directly with her fans rather than through media outlets to spare them unnecessary distress. In her post, she expressed her desire to minimize any hurt her fans might feel.

“First of all, it’s true that we’re developing the relationship with good feelings, however, I wish you refrain from using the word ‘transit love,’” read Han’s post.

Later in November, observant fans noted that Han So-hee attended Ryu Jun-yeol’s photo exhibition around the same time he announced his breakup of six years with K-pop idol-turned-actress, Hyeri. Hyeri was also his co-star in the popular 2015 South Korean slice-of-life drama, “Reply 1988.”

“It is true that we met through a photo exhibition, but that was through a friend of mine who is a photographer. I went there for a specific purpose, and I heard that we might be working together on a project, so I stopped by to say hello,” said Han.

Her announcement came after rumors circulated on social media about the two actors spending time together in Hawaii on March 15. Initially, Han’s agency denied the relationship rumors saying the actress was there for a vacation with peers, while Ryu’s agency informed fans that he was there for his photography work.


Han urged fans not to label it as a “rebound” fling. She explained that they began dating early this year.

“Second, when we exchanged feelings for one another, it was already the beginning of 2024, and his breakup with that person was already wrapped up in early 2023. I heard that news articles about the breakup came out in November. Based on this fact, I confirmed my own feelings, and I kept going with the relationship,” Han wrote.


On March 15 and amid the swirling rumors, Hyeri, Ryu’s ex-girlfriend, unfollowed him on social media. Her Instagram story featuring an overseas photo captioned “interesting” or “that’s funny” in Korean, further fueled speculation about her emotional state.

Fans noticed when Han also posted a cryptic image of a dog, indirectly addressing the situation on the same day as Hyeri’s post. She clarified her stance on relationships, denying any involvement in ambiguous situations, likely referencing Hyeri’s post.

“I don’t like people who have a lover, nor do I give them space, interest, or establish a relationship under the guise of friendship, nor do I meddle in other people’s relationships. I like transit dating programs, but they’re not a part of my life I find it funny, too.”

Fans of both actresses began speculating online, with Han’s supporters suggesting that she felt compelled to defend herself due to implications made by Hyeri on her Instagram story. On the other hand, Hyeri’s fans found it amusing that she never directly mentioned anyone in her posts.

Han also reflected on her own Instagram story, admitting her initial reaction to the rumors was “pathetic and lame,” expressing regret for her impulsive response.


“Third, my pathetic Instagram story. It’s true, it was pathetic and lame. I should have just stayed still, but even though I didn’t want to see rumors and claims that I started dating [Ryu Jun Yeol] before his breakup, I still saw and heard them, so I temporarily lost all reason and behaved rudely,” Han So Hee added.

She aims to clear any misunderstandings and sincerely apologizes for any worry or concern she may have caused her fans. She takes full responsibility for her mistakes and expresses her willingness to learn and grow from them.

Meanwhile, fans worldwide are urging Ryu Jun-yeol to speak up and share a positive message to help resolve the misunderstandings. They feel his silence is amplifying tensions between Han So Hee and Hyeri, leading to unnecessary attacks from fans.

Both Han So Hee and Ryu Jun-yeol have confirmed that they received offers to star in director Han Jae Rim’s adaptation of the webtoon “Delusion” earlier this month.


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