Heat can cause cough, colds, rashes, stroke

Heat can cause cough, colds, rashes, stroke
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AS THE intense summer sun beats down on Cebu City, health authorities urged the public to take necessary precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses, such as respiratory tract infections.

“During the summer, we usually see a rise in respiratory tract infections like cough, colds, fever. They’re very common. Also, skin diseases and hypertension. One factor is the heat and also the dust,” said Cebu City Health Department assistant chief Jeffrey Ibones.

Ibones said with the heat index soaring, preventive measures should be prioritized to avoid diseases that may be triggered due to the extreme weather conditions.

“We should take precautions like if ever we go out, we should bring an umbrella to protect us against the heat. Let’s drink water always so we don’t get dehydrated,” he said in Cebuano.

For those with hypertension, diabetes and asthma, the government doctor advised that face masks should be worn when in public places.

Keeping a healthy diet, having a good sleep and taking vitamins are also very important to boost the immune system, Ibones added.

Ibones also stressed the importance of checking blood pressure (BP) levels regularly as people who suffer from hypertension typically have elevated blood pressure due to the heat.

He said those without a BP monitor at home can go visit a health facility.

“It’s very important to check the BP regularly because there are patients who don’t feel any symptoms even though their BP has already gone up to 200. There are also those whose BP is 130 or 140 and they already feel a headache,” said Ibones in an interview with Sunstar Cebu on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

Due to the intense summer heat and the resulting increased bacterial activity, skin disorders like rashes are also common this season.

Ibones said people who work in outside settings, particularly those who go on field, are encouraged to take extra precautions such as carrying a bottle of water, applying sunscreen, and using protective clothing.

Ibones said heeding these precautions will help ensure a safe and healthy summer for all residents. / Ma. Anna L. Primero, BIPSU intern


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