Kapatik World Tattoo Expo heads to Cebu

Kapatik World Tattoo Expo heads to Cebu

CEBUANOS can anticipate a festive start to the year 2024, with the upcoming Kapatik World Tattoo Expo to be held at the IEC Convention Center in Cebu City from Jan. 13 to 14, 2024.

This highly anticipated two-day convention is set to attract artists from around the globe. Since its inception in 1998, Kapatik has consistently expanded, telling a rich gallery of stories on body canvases that continues to grow to this day.

In its essence, Kapatik is a fusion of two words – “Kapatid” in Tagalog, signifying brotherhood, and “Patik” in Visayan, translating to tattoo or the act of tattooing. Together, Kapatik embodies the concept of “brotherhood in tattooing.”

“Sir Michael (SGOONS founder) offered me an idea of producing another tattoo convention but let’s do it internationally this time. I said ‘why not?’ I will consider that. I’ve been thinking about this and planning about this all of my life,” said Ronnie Macapagal, executive producer.

Ronnie is a pioneer tattoo artist in Cebu with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He is also the Cebu Tattoo Club president with over 200 members all over the Visayas region. Meanwhile, this event will be in collaboration with Mike Riff Vestil founder of SGOONS — the leading tattoo supplier shop in Cebu, offering world-class tattoo equipment and tools within tattoo artists’ reach.

Kapatik will also be co-presented by Tanduay.

Comprehensive celebration

At the media launch held at Napolitani Pizzeria Cebu, Jason Macapagal of Kapatik revealed exciting details about the upcoming event. Enthusiasts can look forward to a total of 162 artists, combining talents from both international and local scenes. The roster includes 32 foreign artists hailing from countries like France, Japan, Vietnam, Finland, Turkey, the USA, Taiwan, India and Singapore. Additionally, 129 artists from various regions, such as Cebu, Olongapo, Benguet, Leyte, Bulacan, Cavite, Manila, Davao, Zamboanga and more, will contribute to the biggest display of tattoo artistry.

“At Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024, we are breaking the mold of traditional tattoo conventions to create a dynamic festival experience in all forms of art, music, dance and self-expression,” said Ronnie.

The ink will certainly flow freely in every drop as artists are going to participate in exciting major and minor categories. The event will feature several major categories, including Best of Show Color, Best of Show Black & Gray, Tattoo of the Day 1, Tattoo of the Day 2, and Best Female Kapatik Artist. Additionally, there will be numerous minor categories, such as Realism, Medium Black and Gray, Medium Color, Micro-Realism Tattoo, Back Piece, Leg Piece, Arm/Sleeve, Handpoked/Handtapped, Oriental Tattoo and Tribal Geometric. This diverse range of categories ensures a comprehensive celebration of tattoo artistry at Kapatik.

“Sir Ronnie wanted Kapatik not just to be a competition but he wanted it to be a gathering of Cebuano culture, Philippine Tradition and everything that’s Bisaya, everything that’s Pinoy. Sir Ronnie and the team prepared a lot of activities,” said event host DeeDee Villegas.

“This is not going to be your usual convention. We aim for this to be a dynamic festival experience in all forms. Not only body art, but also music, dance and self-expression. We have a lot of activities for everyone who will attend the convention,” said Inah Sagun, speaker during the Kapatik media launch.

Other programs

Kapatik will also offer other programs such as Safety and Health Awareness in partnership with the Department of Health. Other initiatives by the Kapatik team will include HIV Free Testing, History of Tattooing Museum, Graffiti Contest, Live Mural Painting and Mosaic, Mixed Media Artist Galley, Body Painting Show, Raffle and Giveaways, Automotive Show, Sexiest Tanduay Babe contest and live band performances featuring Kadangyan, Powerspoonz, Budoy, SE24 and so many more.

For a fun trivia to look forward to, the event will host descendants of a national treasure and the oldest-living “mambabatok” Apo Whang-od. This promises to bring a unique and culturally rich dimension to the gathering, showcasing the lineage and legacy of tattoo artistry within the community.

“There are around 10 manual artists who will come to the event for traditional artistry. We also have a traditional artist as one of the judges. This is what you can expect at the convention. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, you don’t need to go to Baguio or in the US,” added Ronnie.

Kapatik with its ability to recognize the best of the best, there will be substantial prizes awaiting the participants. The Best of Show winner will receive P200,000 in cash, while over P400,000 in cash prizes and freebies will be distributed across different categories. Additionally, two sponsored booths for the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention and Tatak International Tatu Expo are up for grabs. Get ready for a rewarding experience.

The Kapatik World Tattoo Expo team expresses gratitude to the numerous individuals and artists who promptly registered as soon as registrations opened. Pre-selling registration is available at P400, providing admission for one day, while regular tickets are priced at P500.

One can secure tickets at any Ronnie’s Tattoo branches, including Steelenskin, Raintree Mall Mango, Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City; Ronnie’s Tattoo & Piercing at JJ Marketplace, Maguikay, Mandaue City; and Ronnie Tattoo Maribago, Quezon National Hi-Way Look, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.


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