Letigio: New Year wishes


It’s 2024 in a few hours, and once again, we are in limbo, in between the end of a chapter and the beginning of another.

So, once again, I take this opportunity to voice the wishes of my peers.

Here are the wishes of the working-class Cebuanos in their 20s hustling in the 21st century:

“A second shot at light. As a child, you make a lot of bad decisions in life. When you get older, you just kind of hope none of those decisions are permanent. You start hoping that there’s a reset or a second chance to do things right this time around.”

- A.C., 26 years old.

“Clarity. With everything that’s going on in the world, it gets harder and harder to find one’s own direction in life. For 2024, I’d like to have a clearer vision of my journey.”

- K.C., 28 years old.

Many late millennials and early Gen Zs have found themselves on a different path this year.

Personally, I explored my interests and jumped back and forth from journalism and marketing. Fortunately, our boss allowed me to explore my skills.

I finally decided to settle where I am most needed, so now I manage marketing operations, which I surprisingly enjoy because it has the balance between challenge and fun.

Similarly, many of my peers faced career challenges, navigating the world with all its professional and economic challenges.

“Peace and contentment. To be more grateful, to be more intentional in noticing the everyday little things that make life beautiful extraordinary. To make more time for the things that serve me.”

- R.T., 26 years old.

“For 2024, I want to be more intentional about my career. I want to study more and make moves that will benefit me and my work. Aside from that, I want to be healthier this 2024!”

- S.L., 26 years old.

Truly, the global economy has pushed companies to downsize, cut cost. This year, many of my friends working for international clients lost their jobs.

The job market seemingly has slowed down, too. It’s not as easy to find a new job these days.

“In 2024, I pray to continue riding the tides. Life in the early 20’s was full of experimentation and learning what I am capable of and I’m pretty sure I’ve learned a lot and many more to learn soon.”

- K.J., 25 years old.

Despite the challenges, the 20s of this generation still continue to trudge on life with passion and hope.

Life is never easy when in your 20s, everything feels unsure. Yet we also know there’s no shortcut to life, it’s simply one year at a time.

“World peace.”

- J.A., 27 years old.


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