5 ways fried Cebuanos are coping with the heat

Under the scorching sun, learn how Cebuanos are turning up the heat on their summer survival strategies – one electric fan, towel, and iced coffee at a time.
5 ways fried Cebuanos are coping with the heat

As the sun sets up its permanent residence right above Cebu, locals are devising new and inventive ways to cope with the relentless heat wave that's turned the city into a pseudo frying pan. Here’s an insider look at the essential “Cebu Under Heat Starter Pack,” a must-have for every self-respecting islander looking to survive the season without melting into a puddle of despair.

1. The Hot Air Fan

The first item in every Cebuano’s heat survival kit is the ubiquitous electric fan, which, despite its best efforts, often feels like it’s only circulating the culinary-grade hot air around the room. On the bright side, who needs a hairdryer these days when your fan can give you that windblown look by spewing hot air?

2. Towel Couture

With the mercury levels breaking records, traditional clothing has taken a back seat to what could best be described as towel couture. It’s not unusual to see locals claiming their online shopping deliveries at the door in nothing but a bath towel. After all, fashion is all about making a statement, and the current statement is, "It’s too hot for clothes!"

3. Mini Fan Necklaces: The New Bling

Forget diamonds; in today's Cebu, the mini fan necklace is a girl’s best friend. These nifty gadgets are not just functional but have also become a trendy accessory. Who needs a vape necklace when your necklace can keep you cool and make you look cool at the same time? They come in various designs, from understated chic to LED-lit extravagance, perfect for every occasion.

4. The P39 Iced Coffee

Nothing says survival like clutching a cup of iced coffee priced perfectly at P39. It’s the caffeine boost Cebuanos need to jumpstart their morning and battle the heat-induced lethargy. Plus, it’s a small price to pay for a few moments of blissful, chilled relief.

5. Streaming “Pantropiko” on Repeat

Finally, what’s a heatwave without the perfect summer soundtrack? Locals are tuning into “Pantropiko” by the nation’s beloved girl group, BINI. This catchy tune is not just a bop; it's a cooling balm to the soul with its breezy vibes and cool rhythms, making the heat somewhat bearable.

As the summer progresses, these essentials are not just accessories but lifelines as the good people of Cebu navigate their day-to-day in this boiling pot of a weather pattern. So, if you’re planning to visit, take notes and prepare your kit. Welcome to Cebu, where the weather’s hot, but the survival style is even hotter!


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