Artist taps into the power, blessing of motherhood

Artist taps into the power, blessing of motherhood

While mothers are considered modern-day heroes, the never-ending battle of trying to move Heaven and Earth for their children can take a toll on their personal lives and overall well-being.

For Mary Rose Villacastin Maghuyop, the experience of motherhood took her on a whole new beautiful journey of self-discovery and sacrifice.

An artist and a mother of two beautiful daughters, Mary Rose’s journey of motherhood has its own flair and color. She works as an artist, architect and a school administrator. Juggling these tasks as a mother is already as tough as it sounds. However, to Mary Rose, motherhood is amplified in the work that she does.

“Motherhood made me more conscious about the work or art I was doing — the quality, relevance, significance — so I could pass on the love and passion or at the very least, nurture appreciation and support within my children, and by extension, the children in school,” said Mary Rose.

Working also as a director, stage performer, writer and illustrator, Mary Rose’s artistic prowess has taken her to great heights and has allowed her to continually work as an artist, lending her artistic flair to the Cebuano art scene.

“I am always involved in something creative and artistic in school where I teach and plan most of the events. But as full scale productions go, my latest directorial job was ‘The Children of Fatima’ for the Archdiocese of Cebu for the consecration of the Capelinha de Cebu in San Remigio in 2022. As to my latest stage performance as an actor, it was in Monsignor Ancajas’ production, a monologue meant to be part of a Lenten Recollection, ‘Claudia Procula’ in April 2023,” she said.

However, as much of a trooper Mary Rose is an artist, her role as a mother can be incredibly challenging. Balancing her work as an artist, mother and teacher, Mary Rose had quite a lot on her plate but she was able to overcome the obstacles she faced along the way by having her children close to her.

“It’s not a problem now with the girls in college, although some issues recur but these are usually settled by talking or letting time heal. When they were in preschool to junior high school, it wasn’t much of a problem either because we were in one school — they were students, I was a teacher. So we had similar schedules and saw each other most of the day and night. I saw them grow up and this is a blessing my husband and I treasure so much.”

Mary Rose’s love of the arts has greatly influenced her children as her two daughters, Mayumi and Soleil, are also performers and members of the internationally renowned Mandaue Children and Youth Chorus under the baton of Dennis Gregory Sugarol. She is proud to mention that her eldest, Mayumi, is graduating Magna Cum Laude from Silliman University with a degree in Performing Arts Major in Speech and Theater.

“We support each other’s art and passion. My children know that the arts are a very important part of our lives and do what they can to share these with others,” Mary Rose said.

Motherhood is indeed a journey that is not easy to partake in. It is more than just raising children but it is also making the ultimate sacrifice of putting your children’s needs above others.

“Motherhood made me prioritize what I valued most and what I truly enjoyed.” S


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