Bozhilov: On girlbossing, being a mother and winning Mrs. Continental International 2023

WINNER. Loue Manuel Bozhilov (third from left) wins the crown of Mrs. Continental International 2023 in Mumbai, India on Nov. 21 to 24, 2023.
WINNER. Loue Manuel Bozhilov (third from left) wins the crown of Mrs. Continental International 2023 in Mumbai, India on Nov. 21 to 24, 2023.CONTRIBUTED FOTO

In the bustling heart of Cebu City — home to multiple powerful pageant queens — Mrs. Philippines Loue Manuel Bozhilov, the newly crowned Mrs. Continental International 2023, radiates a presence that is both majestic and deeply inspiring. 

A woman who wears multiple hats —beauty queen, mother, businesswoman, advocate — Bozhilov is a personification of grace, strength and determination. 

From the rustic, charming streets of Leyte to the vibrant corridors of Mumbai, where she triumphed over 37 other aspirants, Bozhilov's journey is not just a tale of personal achievement but a narrative that resonates with every woman who dares to dream and strive. Her victory in the prestigious pageant is not merely about the glittering crown or the sash that adorns her; it's about shattering stereotypes, embracing multiple roles, and rising above challenges.

Symbol of empowerment, resilience

Bozhilov's story is rich with experiences that speak volumes of her character. A proud Cebu-based queen, she excelled in the preliminary competitions, bagging awards for Best in Swimwear, Best in National Costume and Best in Interview. But these accolades are just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies a woman of substance, an advocate for women's empowerment, a philanthropist focused on children's education and an innovator in the real estate sector.

“Participating in the pageant, one of my main motivation was to forge a strong network to support my advocacy through ESKWELA.ORG.PH, which I founded last year,”  Bozhilov proudly shared to SunStar Lifestyle. “Our mission is to ensure education is within everyone's reach, offering scholarships to children and guiding them towards professional success after graduation. I firmly believe that education unlocks the door to success in the Philippines.”

Her commitment to these causes is not just lip service. Through her organization, ESKWELA.ORG.PH, she is actively involved in making education accessible and providing scholarship programs, upholding her belief that education is the cornerstone of success in the Philippines. As of writing, Bozhilov, through ESKWELA.ORG.PH, has provided more than five scholarships and is planning to expand more into the future.

BEAUTY. Mrs. Continental International 2023 Loue Manuel Bozhilov.
BEAUTY. Mrs. Continental International 2023 Loue Manuel Bozhilov.CONTRIBUTED FOTO

Juggling roles with grace, grit

In an intimate conversation, Bozhilov shared insights into her life's balancing act. As a mother of two, a wife and a business leader, she emphasizes the importance of self-respect and happiness.
“It's about finding joy in every role, nurturing self-respect, and never forgetting your roots.” Bozhilov shared. Her 13-year marriage with her Bulgarian husband, strengthened by mutual respect and love, stands as a testament to her belief in the power of enduring values. 

Her secret to a long-lasting relationship and thriving in multiple roles? "Happiness is a choice," She said, underscoring the significance of finding joy in every aspect of life, despite the stress and demands of her multifaceted career.

AWARD. “Most Empowered Woman of the Year” by Nation Builders & Mosliv Awards.
AWARD. “Most Empowered Woman of the Year” by Nation Builders & Mosliv Awards.CONTRIBUTED FOTO

Empowering dreams

To mothers and women who dream of following her footsteps into pageantry, Bozhilov has a message that resonates with clarity and purpose: "To be a pageant queen, entails time, commitment, dedication, and training. Just like anything in life, if you want to be good at something, you have to train and learn from the best,” she shared.

Her journey to the crown was not a solitary one. It was bolstered by a dedicated team, including National Director Aida Patana and designer Cris Cadungog, who helped her build the confidence and foundation necessary to excel.

Beyond her role in pageantry and business, Bozhilov is a staunch advocate for sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, particularly in combating climate change. Her recent accolade as “Most Empowered Woman of the Year” by Nation Builders & Mosliv Awards stands as a tribute to her commitment to making a tangible difference in the world.

Bozhilov's story is not just about winning a crown; it's about the relentless pursuit of excellence, the power of a well-rounded personality, and the impact of a woman who believes in the potency of her dreams. Her journey, marked by grace, grit, and grandeur, serves as an emblem of hope and inspiration, not just for aspiring beauty queens, but for every individual who believes in the transformative power of ambition, hard work, and a heart devoted to the greater good. 

In the end, Loue Manuel Bozhilov is not just a titleholder; she is an example of hope, a mirror reflecting the aspirations of countless women, and a reminder that in the intricate dance of life, one can indeed soar high without losing sight of the ground that nurtures and sustains.


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