Cebu-based dance crew SZHD to ignite World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2024

SZHD is gearing up to make waves at the longest-running street dance competition in Australia
SZHD Dance Crew
SZHD Dance CrewSZHD Official Facebook

SZHD (Sacrifice. Zeal. Heart. Determination.) is a powerhouse of 80 exceptionally talented performers ready to showcase their skills and passion in the monster and cell divisions of the prestigious World Supremacy Battlegrounds Intercontinental Champions Asia (WSB) competition, set to take place from Jan. 26 to 28 at the Scape The Ground Theatre in Singapore.

WSB is no stranger to the dance community, holding the distinction of being the longest-running street dance competition in Australia. This year, it will serve as the battleground for SZHD as the group aims to leave an indelible mark on the international dance stage.


SZHD's journey traces back to 2015 when the crew, then known as SEZZYHOOD, emerged with a humble lineup of seven members. Over the years, their passion for dance propelled them to compete and secure victories in various local championships. In 2017, a decision to expand the team was made, transforming them into a megacrew and eventually rebranded as “SZHD.”

The OG 7 members, consisting of Francis Cobarde, Fredjee Cobarde, Hanes Visitacion, FX Acido, Isha Love, Virgilio Apas and Christian Tondag, laid the foundation for SZHD's success. Tondag, now the founder, director and main choreographer, has been instrumental in shaping the crew's identity.


SZHD performing their routine
SZHD performing their routineSZHD's Official Facebook
SZHD winning multiple categories during the Philippine Hip Hop Dance Championship 2023
SZHD winning multiple categories during the Philippine Hip Hop Dance Championship 2023SZHD's Official Facebook

SZHD's commitment to continuous learning is evident through their journey. With a primary focus on street styles, they delve into the cultural nuances and technical intricacies of dance, using this knowledge as a powerful tool to craft winning masterpieces. Learning, for them, is a perpetual process, and their dedication to honing their skills speaks volumes about their passion for the art form.

As they prepare to take the stage at the WSB Championship Asia 2024, SZHD is not just representing Cebu; they are carrying the hopes and dreams of a dance community that values perseverance, creativity, and the unwavering spirit of the streets.

SZHD's coaching team is led by the dynamic Tondag, including assistant directors Tristan Laput, Lawrence Salvador and Ernesto Flores.

The World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2024 promises to be an exhilarating showcase of talent, diversity and pure passion for dance. As the spotlight turns towards SZHD, all eyes will be on this Cebu-based dance crew, eager to witness the magic they bring to the stage and the mark they leave on the world of street dance.


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