Celebrating Pride Month: What's happening in Cebu this June

Celebrating Pride Month: What's happening in Cebu this June

As Cebu City gears up for a month of vibrant celebrations, the Cebu Pride Movement (CPM) has lined up a series of events to mark Pride Month 2024. The calendar is packed with activities aimed at promoting inclusivity, equity and community building. Here’s a glimpse into what’s in store:

June 1, 2024: Official Cebu PRIDE Month Opening Night House Party

The festivities kick off with an exclusive house party, marking the official opening night of Cebu PRIDE Month. Attended by 250 leaders, decision-makers, and media representatives from various sectors including community organizations, academe, government units, private institutions and PRIDE advocates this event sets the tone for a month of celebration and advocacy.

June 7, 2024: Quest Hotel's PRIDE Month Kick-Off

Quest Hotel will host a PRIDE Month kick-off event, welcoming 100 leaders, decision-makers and media representatives. This gathering aims to foster connections and promote the objectives of PRIDE Month, featuring influential voices from community organizations, the academe, government, private institutions and media.

June 15, 2024: Mandaue PRIDE March

The Mandaue PRIDE March is expected to draw 3,000 to 4,000 PRIDE advocates from across Cebu. Participants will march through the streets of Mandaue City, the heart of Metro Cebu, rallying and amplifying the voices of the unheard. This vibrant parade celebrates visibility, solidarity and the spirit of PRIDE.

June 22, 2024: “Embrace Ko All” - Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Community Symposium

In partnership with JJC UC Kampilan and Cebu City SK Federation, CPM will host the “Embrace Ko All” symposium. This event will bring together 250 leaders, decision-makers and media representatives from various sectors to discuss and promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the community.

June 22, 2024: Yaku Ta Yadz! PRIDE Flea Market at White Heart Lane

White Heart Lane will transform into a bustling PRIDE-themed flea market with Yaku Ta Yadz!, attracting 2,000 hip and trendy Millennials and Gen Zers. Attendees will shop and connect with other woke members of the community, showcasing their individuality and love for the environment through fashion that screams PRIDE.

June 29, 2024: Cebu PRIDE Festival 2024 Grand Party

The month-long celebration culminates with the Cebu PRIDE Festival 2024 Grand Party. This event will bring together 1,000 members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to celebrate PRIDE with a grand display of creativity, uniqueness and talent. The closing party promises to be an evening of music, dance and revelry, embracing the diverse expressions of PRIDE.


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