Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Water Rabbit

Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Water Rabbit

In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is associated with a gentle, meditative energy and symbolizes prosperity and longevity. Paired with the water element for 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit is one for reconsideration and reflection. This is an ideal time to channel the rabbit’s peaceful demeanor and seek serenity and balance, to move on and let go of old tensions. It is a fertile year for affairs of the heart, excellent for engagements, marriages and new babies.

Feng Shui master Marites Allen further shares what else is in store for each sign of the Chinese zodiac for the coming year:


The Rat is truly blessed with prosperity this year, with luck multiplied by as much as nine times, overflowing opportunities for work and money. Rats may encounter stress at work due to unreliable teammates and are advised to be one step ahead of things as much as possible. Make the best of what you have while preparing backup plans for the worst. Rats are advised to be thrifty and to avoid lending money. Make health and wellness a priority, and avoid late-night escapades and committing to too many appointments. In love, the forecast is promising. Singles can find love, while spouses will have an easier time in their marriages. For other relationships, take time to reconnect, reunite and reconcile.

Lucky months: January, April, May, June, August, October


The Ox can expect big wins and successes with great luck in finances and good opportunities at work. Expand your network of allies and friends and work diligently to build up wealth. The Ox can expect cooperative interactions with colleagues and have great chances of being recognized for leadership qualities at work. Oxen who are due for promotions should demonstrate their abilities at the current workplace or accept a good offer elsewhere. The Ox can expect to be very busy this year and are reminded not to compromise their health; be mindful of your fitness routine. Since the Ox will be busy, attached Oxen may encounter complaints from their partners about overworking. Be alert for betrayals in relationships.

Lucky months: March, April, May, July, September


Love and romance look promising this year for Tigers. Single Tigers should take time to mingle if they want to find love, while attached Tigers will find ease in their relationships. Reconnect with good friends and contacts that you have fallen out of touch with. Because of the presence of the Robbery Star for Tigers, take care and be mindful of losses, betrayal and accidents. Borrowing and lending money are both not advised this year. Tigers should prioritize mental and physical wellness and take time to meditate, do yoga and fill the mind with positive thoughts.

Lucky months: March, April, May, July, September


Rabbits will have overall good luck with attracting more money this year, but may encounter possible weaker energies in other areas of life. Although this year is under your sign, the presence of the Illness Star may make you feel unmotivated, lethargic or even sickly. Rabbits should invest in their annual physical checkups so that health challenges will not become serious threats. If someone owes money, Rabbits may have difficulty with collection. Rabbits may experience challenges in love and relationships and there is a possibility of losing a loved one. For Rabbits who have weddings or wedding invitations this year, added happiness and good news will come out of these. To increase luck in marriages, consult an almanac for auspicious dates. At work, Rabbits are advised to postpone job changes and should seek colleagues who are supportive of the Rabbit’s career. It is a great year to enhance or improve yourself. Despite challenges, always remain calm and do not let negative emotions get the better of you.

Lucky months: February, April, July, August, September, November


Dragons have great opportunities to expand their wealth and network this year, as well as promotions and salary increases. Use social media to sell your products or promote your business. Be confident at work and prove your abilities to your boss and colleagues, but be cautious about new business ventures. It is time for Dragons to shine at work, which may make them the subject of jealousy or office politics. This may lead to possible emotional or mental breakdown for unprepared Dragons; achieve work-life balance to improve your physical and mental stability. Dragons should control misunderstandings with various people in their professional and personal lives. Single Dragons have good chances of romantic encounters, while attached Dragons can expect to get engaged or get married this year. Married Dragons should take loving care of their spouses and be wary of any third-party risks.

Lucky months: March, August, September, October, December


Romance is in the stars for Snakes this year. Single Snakes may pair up with a good friend of the opposite sex. If there isn’t a special friend around, just be patient as romantic encounters abound for those looking for love. It is a good year for married Snakes, who should activate their love further. Snakes should reduce confrontations and surround themselves with allies and inspiring people who live with great vision and purpose. Align with strategic prospects and work hard to bring in additional income. It is a good time to enter joint ventures or collaborations. Deliver more work than what is expected and keep in mind what is best for the team and the company to gain a promotion and/or a raise at the office.

Lucky months: March, August, September, October, December


Horses have better chances of accumulating wealth this year compared to last year. For Horses who have been interested in someone for a while, a photo collage in the Southwest may enhance love energy. Married Horses should spice up their marriages. Horses who are sincerely inspiring and accessible, giving assistance and guidance to colleagues at work, can expect to be promoted. An important contract will land on your desk; seek help from your superiors if you need it. There will be a number of surprise occurrences this year that will bring good fortune in your personal and professional life, but may physically tire you out. Horses should be careful of burnout and take time to recharge.

Lucky months: January, April, May, June, September, October


The Sheep-born can expect triumph and victory this year and will be busy in all aspects of your life. The Sheep will have plenty of work to do, deadlines to meet and many reasons to celebrate in your career. Do not be distracted by possible delays in generating personal funds and avoid engaging in new projects if you do not feel comfortable in the partnership. Stay motivated, determined and hardworking and believe that you can achieve whatever it is you have set your mind to do. The Sheep may be so busy and active, which is good, but don’t overdo it at the expense of your health. For good luck in relationships, seek counsel from trusted family and friends.

Lucky months: January, March, June, July, August, October, December


Monkeys who have been working hard towards a goal for quite some time have chances of great success and much-deserved happiness this year. The Monkey will be flooded with work opportunities and collaborations and can expect a promotion and/or raise. Do not let office politics or gossip bring you down. You are inherently clever, charming and influential; do not be afraid to take on more risks and lessen your fears. Monkeys should eat healthily, exercise, do yoga and meditate to be ready with renewed energy. Take on a fresh perspective towards life and live each day as if it’s your last. In love and relationships, Monkeys are advised to reconcile and rebuild family ties and may rekindle romance with an old flame. Single Monkeys must make the effort to socialize to find a partner. Monkeys in happy relationships should nurture and spice up these romantic connections.

Lucky months: January, March, June, July, August, October, December


The Rooster may expect a windfall of wealth and blessings this year that seem to come out of nowhere. Still, Roosters should be wise with their finances and avoid unnecessary expenses. Focus on expanding your portfolio and wise investments. Prioritize necessities, as indulging in too many luxuries will lead to financial drain. At work, people will test to see how tough the Rooster really is. Rooster, do not let disappointments dampen your spirit. Restore balance in all aspects of your life. For Roosters who are seeking a change at work, this is a good time to shift careers, change departments or try an entirely new field.

Lucky months: February, March, April, June, August, November, December


While financial gains are high, Dogs should be conservative with investments and spending. Continue to be strong and reliable and Dogs will find themselves torn between job offers. When a good opportunity comes along, open to be seized, don’t hesitate or you’ll miss it. Much like dogs, stay positive and don’t dwell on negativity. Celebrate the good wins coming your way.

Lucky months: January, February, March, May, July, October, November, December

Pig / Boar

The Pig may encounter turbulent times ahead. Practice patience at all costs, lie low and stay calm. Expect gainful opportunities that will bring bonuses and commissions. The Pig has high chances of meeting influential people who will increase the Pig’s earning potential. For other relationships, Pigs are encouraged to plan a romantic getaway. Pigs are blessed in romance this year; follow your heart and it may lead to the person of your dreams. Healthwise, you may have a skin issue that has been causing irritation and lack of sleep. Pigs should maintain the gifts of a healthy mind and healthy body.

Lucky months: January, February, March, May, July, October, November, December.


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