Get a taste of Visayas’ faves: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners

Get a taste of Visayas’ faves: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners.
Get a taste of Visayas’ faves: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners.

The charming and picturesque allure of the Visayas, from its pristine white beaches to its rich and vibrant history, has always made it a favorite travel destination for tourists. 

Its equally captivating culinary scene offers a unique gastronomic adventure for food enthusiasts. An innovative fusion of modern and classic flavors, the Visayas region’s culinary landscape is a league of its own and has long captivated international and local foodies. 

Among the array of dishes, the winners of the GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Regional Faves category have emerged as victors, narrowing down the best of the food establishments for their exceptional taste and quality. 

Let’s embark on a mouthwatering journey of some of the best of what the Visayas region has to offer: 

Jafar’s Shawarma Station from Cebu 

As much as the Visayan region is proud of its own local and homegrown dishes, the Visayan people are no strangers to international cuisine as they have grown to love and embrace foreign food. 

Jafar’s Shawarma Station, hailing from Queen City of the South and one of the winners of this year’s GrabFood Regional Fan Faves, offers an authentic and delectable glimpse of Middle Eastern cuisine such as its mouthwatering shawarma wrap and vegetable-mixed rice meals. 

Jafar’s Shawarma Station is the perfect place to get fast, affordable, and delectable meals. With the help of GrabFood, customers are able to indulge in their best-selling shawarma rice anytime anywhere by simply ordering from the app. Good food has never been so fast and easy and GrabFood has made it all possible for you to enjoy your cravings in a short amount of time. 

Orange Brutus from Cebu  

Known to be the first fast-food chain in Cebu, Orange Brutus is a Cebuano restaurant that has stood the test of time as one of the longest running homegrown fast food chains in Cebu and is one of the victors of GrabFood Regional Fan Faves 2023. 

For more than 40 years, this restaurant garnered a loyal fanbase of customers that couldn’t get enough of their quick but incredibly delicious to-go meals such as its sizzling burger, pork and chicken steak, burgers, breakfast meals, and its best-selling moist chocolate cake. No Cebuano food trip is complete without stopping by this iconic fast food chain that continues to serve Cebuanos with fast and scrumptious meals. 

For GrabFood users, you can book your orders from Orange Brutus and have it delivered to you fast and easy!

Prutasan ni Adan from Cebu

Beat the heat with a cup of frozen yogurt from one of the winners of GrabFood Regional Fan Faves 2023, Prutasan ni Adan. 

Healthy eating can also be delicious and this shop proves that you don’t have to compromise your need for delectable treats to stay in shape. Made from fresh fruits and concocted into a flurry of frozen healthy goodness, Prutasan ni Adan offers a variety of fruit flavors that are sure to keep everything refreshed and your taste buds delighted. 

With GrabFood, convenience is right at your fingertips. You can order any of the store’s featured products in the GrabFood app and start your health and wellness journey as soon as GrabFood delivers its products to your doorstep in no time!

These GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Regional Faves winners have earned the title of being the leaders in their respective regions—always ready to take on deliveries and consistently eager to serve loyal GrabFood users the best of what they have to offer. 

Get on the Grab app and treat yourselves today! Learn more about GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners by visiting (CONTENT PARTNERSHIP).


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