Mark Anton Masa: Color in the midst of darkness


THIS June, Qube Gallery presents “Orderly Chaos,” a collection of abstract works by Mark Anton Masa. As the world acclimates to what is the new normal, Qube Gallery showcases Masa’s works online.

Masa is quite the multi-faceted creative, dabbling in various areas of artistic expression.

“I’m a Kapampangan, and I’m a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising graduate of the University of San Carlos in Cebu,” he proudly said. He dabbles in advertising, fashion and events.

As a visual artist, he shared that this is his first ever solo-online exhibition and went on to thank the people behind Qube for the opportunity. Though he had plans to do the solo exhibition in Cebu by the third quarter of this year, Covid-19 happened. Despite the current situation, that did not stop him from doing what he loved most: Visual art.

He began his work in February, during the early months of the pandemic, and centered on the idea of being cooped up in his space in Cebu. “The idea of being in isolation pumped it all up. So I had to equip myself,” he said.

The exhibition features 20 artworks that tell an emotional journey beginning with “Isolation” and ending with “Healing.”

These days, the world feels bleak because of the pandemic. Having experienced fear and anxiety, one of his inspirations that drew him to make “Orderly Chaos” was the yearning to see color through all the darkness and uncertainty and, as he said, to give way to a sense of hope.

“The Covid-19 atmosphere is too dark—so dark, that it has somehow overshadowed the colors of life. I just felt that I had to tell a story, so I took it from there. I was able to come up with a title for my collection which is, giving order a chance in the midst of chaos: ‘Orderly Chaos,’” he said.

This is what he hopes audiences will see in his works: Color, vibrance and hope. “I’m quite emotional in my art. I want them to see my story through the colors, read between the application of lines and be impacted by the intensity of strokes,” he said. “Cliche as this may sound, but I want them to expect a light at the end of the tunnel and that there is always hope from all this chaos. I want them to put order and color into their lives, especially in these dark and trying times. It is all about moving forward. Continue to be in the moment and create for the future.”

Viewers can access Masa’s artworks through Qube Gallery’s social media platforms as well as Artsy.


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