Recommendations: Books to read while staying at home

Recommendations: Books to read while staying at home

READING a good book is a pastime loaded with benefits, including the power to take its readers to another world through its pages. Given our current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, why not enjoy reading a book while you’re stuck at home? Take a cue from these bookworms on their book recommendations, in case you haven’t read these titles yet.

“I’m reading David Fontana’s ‘The Secret Language of Dreams.’ Everyone can benefit from studying their dreams, says Fontana, a Welsh psychologist and dream scholar, because ‘they are like a conversation between our conscious and unconscious minds.’ And since we are the authors of and actors in our own dreams, we also are the best judges of their meanings, he believes. Rather than tell us what they mean, he prefers to teach us how to do it ourselves. In ‘The Secret Language of Dreams,’ he includes a directory of common dream themes and their secret meanings.”

— Carlo Rivera

“I’m currently reading ‘How Women Decide’ by Therese Huston. I love how the book speaks directly about the factors that affect the decision-making process of women. This is not just a typical pick-me-up as it also discusses some points where women may be slacking off. Aside from the real-life scenarios from the worlds’ big decision-makers and how they called the shots, the book also gives an ample dose of optimism and strategies in overcoming the toughest of choices we have to make.”

— Koie Mascariñas

“I have a selection of bestselling books by Mitch Albom and I’m currently re-reading ‘For One More Day.’ While I was arranging my books, I saw these three and thought that it’s a perfect time to revisit the lives of Albom’s unforgettable characters—to know what it’s like every ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ and to go back in time to fix what we did wrong in life ‘For One More Day’ and soon when we die, hold in our hearts the ideas of ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven.’ Albom’s creations are elegantly simple and a fast read. Transcendent narratives with sentimental influences that give us a whiff of paradise and tears of nostalgia, Albom’s stories let us explore life’s significant lessons, comforting our hearts.”

— Clark Y. Panugalinog

“‘Everything is F*cked’ by Mark Manson is a book about hope. It touches on how powerful hope is, how it gets us through when everything is bleaker than bleak and how hope can also be what is causing most of the anxiety or depression people are going through, because they have relied too much on hope for their comfort and happiness. Instead of making comfort, happiness or convenience our primary values, we should accept that life is difficult; Focus on accepting adversity and rising to the challenges that life throws at us. A quote from the book which is very apt for our current situation, ‘Whether it’s for our own future or that of our family or community, hope is a powerful driver of human behavior.’ The book lets you embrace life’s uncomfortable truths and helps you put things in its proper perspective.”

- Marie Janice Rivera-Yuvallos


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