South African Tourism launches new initiative to boost travel from the Philippines

South African Tourism, in collaboration with the South African Embassy in Manila, launches a new initiative aimed at rejuvenating interest and increasing tourist numbers from the Philippines, coinciding with the celebration of South Africa's 30 years of freedom.
South African Tourism launches new initiative to boost travel from the Philippines

In a significant move to increase tourism flows from the Philippines, South African Tourism (SAT), in partnership with the South African Embassy in Manila, has unveiled a fresh campaign aimed at re-engaging and re-inspiring Filipino travelers. This initiative coincides with South Africa’s 30th anniversary of freedom, an opportune moment to promote the nation's rich cultural heritage and diverse tourist attractions.

Panorama of Cape Town, South Africa. (Shutterstock/kavram)
Panorama of Cape Town, South Africa. (Shutterstock/kavram)TheJakartaPost

The Philippines stands as the second-largest tourist market in Southeast Asia, trailing only Singapore. Notably, travel from the Philippines to South Africa has shown remarkable growth, with 6,487 travellers in 2023, up from 4,329 the previous year, marking a 15% increase. SAT projects that tourist numbers could return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024.

This campaign is a testament to the strong ties between the Philippine and South African tourism sectors. SAT's latest initiative is designed to build on this partnership and further boost interest in South Africa’s varied attractions, from its vibrant cities and scenic landscapes to its wildlife and historical sites.

"SAT is immensely thankful for the collaborative efforts of the Philippine tourism industry which have been integral to the growth of South African tourism in the region," stated SAT in its Press Release. "With this initiative, we aim to fortify these bonds and introduce more Filipinos to the unparalleled beauty that South Africa has to offer."

South Africa presents a plethora of activities catering to different types of travellers, whether they are adventure-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, or cultural aficionados. The initiative encourages travellers from the Philippines to experience South Africa’s dynamic cities, stunning vistas, and unique experiences.

In addition to the campaign, SAT and the South African Embassy are hosting a destination workshop at the SEDA Ayala Center Cebu on April 18, 2024. The event aims to enhance awareness among Philippine trade partners and equip them with the tools to promote South Africa more effectively.

For those interested in learning more about what South Africa has to offer, potential travelers can visit SAT’s website or reach out to their local partners in the Philippines.

As South Africa opens its arms to the world on this significant anniversary, this initiative promises to foster greater understanding and exchange between the two nations, making it easier than ever for Filipinos to explore the rich heritage of South Africa.


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