Visitacion V: A peek into the dynamic sibling connection

Visitacion V: A peek into the dynamic sibling connection

Amid the vast expanse of time and space, the swirling chaos of our existence, and among the billions of souls wandering on this earth, what are the odds of meeting our siblings right here in this lifetime?

The sibling connection is a cosmic wonder. Whatever you call it—fate or destiny—this rare and precious bond is celebrated every National Siblings Day (April 10).

In line with the celebration, this article explores the dynamism of the Visitacion siblings. Poised to become trailblazers of their generation, they embody an eclectic mix of talents that make them an inspiration to look up to.

Daryl Hannah Visitacion-Parilla, 38

A diamond in a treasure trove of brothers, Dana’s independent spirit is a beacon of inspiration for her four younger siblings. She is currently employed in the United States, working in revenue operations in an EdTech Saas company.

She devotes herself to constant learning, development programs and personal growth with a zeal that is both rare and admirable. She is also remotely working with her younger brother, Gino, and another company that offers professional services in the Philippines.

“I master my chosen field by living and learning intentionally—reading, learning from others, traveling, researching, and attending short courses for fun,” said Dana.

Despite the distance that separates her from her brothers, she describes their bond as “tight knit.”

“Our relationship is sincere. I haven’t seen my brothers in person since the pandemic, but even with the distance, we have stayed tight-knit. We know that we always have each other’s back.”

Gino Bernardo Visitacion, 32

In a music-loving home, Gino explored the endless possibilities of music when he first got his mixer from his parents. Gino’s brand of music had a unique quality to it, sweeping through every club and festival in Cebu. He even opened for international act The Chainsmokers for their Selfie Tour last 2014, earning him a reputation as one of the most promising talents in town.

Years later, Gino’s life has taken on a new tempo. He discovered a new rhythm as he navigates the joys and challenges of life with his wife and their newborn.

“Planning, organizing, and any act of service to my family—my only interest now is discovering day-by-day with my wife and the miracle of life with our newborn child.”

Giorgio Visitacion, 27

Nestled in the bustling metropolis of Cebu City lies a gem of a coffee shop called “Good Cup Coffee,” run by no other than a man named Gio.

“When I started as a barista, I was like a sponge absorbing different learnings, philosophies and perspectives from different coffee professionals and business individuals. All of these learnings helped me understand deeply on what I really wanted to do and the more experience I get immersed into, the clearer the vision gets on where I really want to take my passion and business,” said Gio.

Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly fit another passion into his busy schedule, the man behind the coffee shop reveals yet another facet of his persona. Gio has expanded his reputation beyond the realm of java and into the world of electronic music, being a DJ since 2013. His secret to the top? Extreme perseverance, extreme focus and extreme obsession with learning.

“These days, my time is mostly spent working for Good Cup Coffee while visiting local coffee farms and meeting local farmers.”

Ed Visitacion, 25

In the pursuit of his passions, Ed dedicated himself to both the art of education and the intricacies of business.

When asked of his interests and passion, Ed said he loves gathering, simplifying, and creating a story out of data to create better decisions.

“Optimizing operational efficiency by reducing and simplifying processes for workmates to focus on more important work is what keeps me busy these days,” said Ed.

Ed’s passion for teaching has also translated well to the world of business. Ed now works alongside Gio for Good Cup Coffee, bringing their own unique skills to the table.

Ed described his bond with his siblings as “one of a kind.” He recalled how everyone showed up when one of them struggled to find their footing.

“One time, a sibling needed help to overhaul the business. Others paused their personal businesses and dedicated a couple of months to assist the business in areas they were good at,” shared Ed.

Kirk Visitacion, 20

A budding videographer with a keen eye for the subtle nuances that make each frame unique, Kirk has been focusing on creating personal content focusing on tutorials, travelog, and lifestyle pieces.

“To master my craft, I prioritize consistency while also exposing myself to the works of other artists in the same field. I watch many films weekly to learn from the different styles of various directors, and incorporate their techniques into my work,” said Kirk.

The young virtuoso also dabs into other worlds of art such as painting, dancing and music. To remain humble, Kirk surrounds himself with a group of artistic individuals where he gets to be the “beginner.” By doing so, he gets to learn from the group’s experiences and knowledge.

“Exploring and embracing failure is critical. I value being humbled and learning from my experiences within the industry.”

What it means to be a family

As the siblings find their niche and unlock their true strength, they do so with gratitude for their parents’ unwavering support. Through their boundless love, their parents have unlocked a world of possibilities for each of their children, allowing them to explore their talents in ways that would not have been possible otherwise.

“In 1996, Mom started a summer public speaking and confidence-building workshop. As soon as we could, we assisted with the preparation, implementation, and culminating activities. We helped with marketing by distributing leaflets around Lapu-Lapu City, setting up tarpaulins in different locations, and even getting chased by dogs,” the youngest, Kirk, fondly recalled.

That was the beginning of everything.

Their support for one another provides an image on what it means to have a good family.


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