Limpag: Orale for PFF VP


When I saw the list of candidates for the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) elections, I was surprised to see one name — Rodney Orale of the Central Visayas Football Association (CVFA). The mild mannered and jovial CVFA president never mentioned his plans to run the last time we met, and as a busy family man and businessman, I thought he had no plans.

But apparently, some football association presidents from the Visayas and Mindanao convinced him and I think he’s a perfect choice. His love for the game led him to start Erco a decade back. Like most football stakeholders, he has no qualms about digging from his own pocket. Over the years, the CVFA has seen some impressive growth despite the challenges, the pandemic, the departure of the Aboitiz Cup, and the Bohol FA controversy.

He is so calm and mild-mannered that in the more than a decade of knowing him, I think I’ve only heard him blow his top twice — when a player kept dissing him on where the shootout was to be taken in the BRO Cup the Anton del Rosario controversy.

He sought out new sponsors and new partners to mitigate the departure of the Aboitiz Cup, the biggest and oldest 11-a-side competition in the country. The departure of the Aboitiz Cup left such a huge hole in the Cebu football calendar but so far, Orale and the CVFA have managed to fill that with festivals.

Yes, it’s not ideal, but it’s the best we can do for now.

Can engineer Orale do more for football once he gets elected as PFF vice president? I think he can. I think the PFF and Philippine football will benefit from having a guy such as our CVFA president.

Which brings me to one of the candidates engineer Orale is facing, none other than Dan Palami. I’ve also known Dan for more than a decade and no one in Philippine football has done more than Boss Dan.

Frankly, if I was a voter in this election, I’d probably be second-guessing my choice until I fill up the ballot. Dan has a huge advantage, his longevity and what he has done, but that can be flipped also — it’s time for new blood to be in charge.

To Dan Palami and Rodney Orale, good luck in the election and may the best man win.

There are the guys running for president — Filberto Alquiros, John Gutierrez and Henry Sabate. I only know the first two and I’ll try to find time before the Nov. 25, 2023 election to hear what they plan for Philippine football so the fans can now.

I know, the fans don’t matter in the election as we don’t get a vote, but still, it would be nice to hear what their plans are for the sport.


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