Limpag: Remorseless Agbong digs USJ-R grave


“Without Remorse” was an old high school favorite spy novel about a hero who got wronged and took matters into his own hands.

Without remorse was what some described disgraced University of San Jose-Recoletos player Evan Jose Agbong after he sent his apology letter to the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) after the league discovered he cheated.

When I read the letter, my first reaction was, “Sya lang?”

To which I got a wry smile and a statement, “Sya lang daw.”

You see, Agbong’s apology letter wasn’t an apology letter, rather it was a lame attempt to clear his coaches and USJ-R athletic officials of any wrongdoing in the Jaguar’s player submission of fake credentials.

It’s as if they’re writing to sports officials who were born yesterday, not officials who have been in school sports since Agbong was in diapers.

Agbong greatly miscalculated too. He said he was able to fake his Liceo de Cagayan credentials because he had a contact in the registrar’s office of the Cagayan de Oro-based school who was willing to fake records.

Liceo de Cagayan understandably is more than pissed.

The school spent decades to build its reputation and now suddenly, you have this player who’s saying that you can fake Liceo de Cagayan records as long as you know someone in the registrar’s office? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Agbong and USJ-R should now, Liceo de Cagayan has been raring to tell the truth the moment they learned Agbong and USJ-R lied about his Liceo records.

As to Agbong’s claim that it was only him and him alone involved in the submission of fake records, that’s to put it mildly, bulls**t.

Again, I reiterate, that in all cases of cheating in Cebu—whether through tampered school records or birth certificates—a coach is always involved.

Also, if we take Agbong’s statement at face value, that indeed no USJ-R athletics official was involved in the submission of his fake grades, then they deserve to be reprimanded for incompetence.

Imagine, your job is to make sure your student-athletes submit the right records and you got fooled by a newcomer in submitting fake credentials? Cue “You-have-one-job” memes.

USJ-R thought Agbong’s admission would clear them but Cesafi said no, the league will investigate until it gets to the bottom of this.

And that’s the right thing. I don’t care if the league takes a year to uncover everything; it has to show to its members that cheating is a serious offense.

This probe will keep USJ-R in the negative limelight, which is unfortunate considering how the school produced a top-notcher in Civil Engineering and law in the past two weeks.

But then again, this is a “they” problem. USJ-R only has Agbong and its athletic officials to blame for all of this negativity.

We wouldn’t be here if the school was honest in the first place.


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