Limpag: SBP’s weakness

Fair Play

“Weak-shit” is my friend Janine’s favorite expression when someone shows any alcohol-related weakness…and I was reminded of that when I read about the latest walkout in the Sinulog Cup.

Though we have a national governing body for basketball in the country—the SBP (Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas)—the walkouts showed we don’t really have a national governing body for basketball in the country.


It’s the same case as last year when it seemed all the bottled emotions during the pandemic were released and Cebu basketball got viral a few times with some infamous brawls.

Where was the SBP?

Doing nothing as usual.

Or being “weak-shit” as my friend would call it.

Had those Sinulog Cup walkouts happened in football, based on the competition rules of the Philippine Football Federation that are also adopted by the regional FAs like the CVFA, teams that walkout are automatically suspended and by walking out, they also lose the right to appeal.

Such ban, while local at first, maybe adopted nationwide should the local FA push for it, meaning a childish manager who leads a walkout in Cebu may soon realize his team isn’t eligible to play in Manila.

That’s the case for football, because we have a national governing body for the sport, the Philippine Football Federation.

But not in basketball, because the SBP does not govern the sport nationally. I mean, have we ever heard the SBP issue a statement whenever there’s trouble in basketball outside Manila?

It could, of course, change things, change Philippine basketball should it start to act like a national governing body for basketball. And if the Old Boys Network running the SBP doesn’t know how, all they have to do is look at the football model.

That is, if they really want to govern the sport.

I mean, it’s a weakness that everyone involved in basketball—players, referees and organizers—have learned to accept. You can do your worst in one league, injure someone even with a dirty play and while you may get banned in that league, you can still play in another.


Because of having one national governing body for the sport, we have a series of kingdoms, leagues and associations who act on their own.

Or, as my friend Janine would say, the SBP is simply “weak-shit” when it comes to governing basketball.

Will basketball change? No. Because of what I’ve noticed, those involved in basketball don’t realize how dysfunctional an organization the SBP is.

As the cliché goes, how can one group change if it doesn’t see the necessity for change?



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