Limpag: Will Mike Rama suspension mean a better Palaro hosting?

Fair Play

About a month after Cebu City won the bid to host the 2024 Palarong Pambansa, Cebu Province also made an announcement about hosting the One Cebu Island Palarong Pambansa in 2024.

I had a wry smile and I thought, this is interesting. At that time, there were signs of conflict between City Hall and Capitol, a conflict that had gone full blown in the past few weeks.

While Cebu City is the official host, the whole Cebu island is the perceived host. People not familiar with the geo-political setup in Cebu wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care whether Talisay or Minglanilla are separate entities from Cebu City--they’d blame Cebu as a whole, should they get stuck in traffic there.

I mean, the same is true for Cebuanos who go to Manila--we make no distinction whether it’s Makati or Quezon City--we take it as a Manila as a whole.

Which brings me back to the Palaro hosting--in an ideal world Cebu City winning the bid and Cebu Province supporting them would have been a match made in heaven. But things that happened since Cebu City won the bid made that match seemed an impossibility.

Then came the shocking news of Mike Rama’s suspension.

Then an hour after Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia made his first official press con, Sugbu News, Capitol’s information wing, carried his announcements.

That’s when a light bulb hit.

Perhaps something positive can come out of this one—a better Palaro hosting. I’m not saying a Mike Rama-led Cebu City is incapable of hosting the Palarong Pambansa, I’m just pointing out the obvious—Cebu Province supporting Cebu City’s hosting of the Palarong Pambansa is leaps and bounds better.

Coasters, traffic enforcers or heck, even Capitol’s vaunted information arm could be tapped to help Cebu City.

The Palaro is a tourist attraction, friends, families and relatives of players travel with the teams to check the tourist destinations of each host city and I’m sure right now, just as the 17 regions are finalizing their entries, thousands of are checking the tourist destinations in Cebu.

A Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Palaro edition perhaps?

With Raymond Garcia in charge, I think Capitol’s vast resources has been opened up for Cebu City to be tapped for the hosting of the Palarong Pambansa.

And I think that’s an opportunity Cebu City should tap.

Of course, I know Cebu City has been preparing for the hosting for more than a year and like I said it can host the games successfully.

But I think this is one option that it could explore.


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